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Teleporters are an item in Spelunky 2.


Teleporters can be obtained from the following sources:

Shops Miscellaneous
Specialty Shops Crates (0.96% chance)
Dice Houses Presents (1/25 chance)
Tun's Curio Shops Randomly buried in terrain
Caveman Shops (rare)


Pressing the action button while carrying a teleporter activates it, teleporting the user forwards or in the direction they were holding. To teleport downwards, the user must be in the air when activating the teleporter, otherwise dropping the teleporter.

The distance that the user travels is random, being taken 4-8 tiles in the desired direction. When teleporting downwards, the teleport distance instead is 5-9 tiles.

Carrying a Four-leaf Clover will cause the teleporter to always teleport the player the max possible range, meaning either 8 tiles horizontally/upwards and 9 tiles downwards.

Teleporters can be used up to 3 times when in midair before requiring the user to land on the ground to be used again.

The "+3 Rule"

The +3 rule, visualized. Colored squares indicate the 5 possible destinations that the teleporter can take its user (4-8 tiles forward).

If the destination tile is a solid block, the Teleporter tries to save the user by looking for an empty space up to 3 tiles above the selected location to place the user onto instead. This is colloquially known as the "+3 rule". If there is no viable space, the Teleporter warps the user into the solid block, which is known as a "bad teleport" and kills the teleported character instantly.

Teleporting into a Bone Block will simply destroy it, overriding the "+3 rule" and keeping the user safe. Despite their similar status, this does not apply to Regenerating Blocks, with the "+3 rule" applying when needed and killing the teleportee otherwise.


It is also possible to telefrag entities by teleporting into the same space they occupy, killing them regardless of HP and leaving nothing but gibs and pieces if possible. This includes high health NPCs as well as bosses such as Tiamat.

Telefragging an explosive enemy, such as Robots, UFOs, and Fire Frogs is generally recommended against, as their death explosion occurs immediately after being telefragged, blowing up the teleportee along with them.

The only entities immune to telefragging are Kingu as well as other generally indestructible entities, being Olmec, Apep, the Ghost, Ghists, and Celestial Jellies.

Other Forms

Other items and entities have similar abilities to that of the teleporter. These other forms of teleportation function identically, as they share the same possible teleport distances, the "+3 rule", and ability to telefrag.

  • Telepacks are a Backwear version of the Teleporter, with a few modifications.
  • The True Crown is a Power-Up that teleports the bearer every 22 seconds, awarding 22 bombs in the process.
  • Crocmen and Vlad teleport to avoid taking damage, with a 3 second cooldown between teleports.

There are two other, stranger forms of teleportation, that do not follow the Teleporter's rules:

  • Beg teleports out of the level if he is talked to or suffers damage in his first encounter with the spelunker.
  • Leprechauns have the ability to teleport to another other portion of the level they were found in after stunning the spelunker and stealing some of their treasure.

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

1.22.6 (Switch)

  • Fixed teleports while having a punish ball
  • Fixed issue where the teleporter could be used downwards while standing during the throw animation
  • Fixed issue where teleporting could sometimes force tossing the currently held item
  • Fixed issue where a seemingly safe teleport could sometimes still crush the player

1.21.0c (W64)

  • Fixed teleport

1.20.4d (W64)

  • Fixed teleport while using the jetpack

1.20.4a (W64)

  • Teleporting into a fragile floor won't kill the player anymore (Applies to Bone Block only, and not Regenerating Blocks)
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