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Telepacks are a backwear item in Spelunky 2. Unlike the held Teleporter, Telepacks are worn by the user. This allows the user to teleport with their hands free or teleport while carrying an item or entity with them.


Telepacks can be obtained from the following sources:

Shops Drops Miscellaneous
Specialty Shops Crocmen (1/100 chance) Randomly buried in terrain
Dice Houses Beg Sacrificing two dice adding up to a four at a Kali Altar
Tun's Curio Shops
Caveman Shops (rare)
Ghist Shops

Telepacks will never be found in Crates and Presents, with the exception of presents found in Ghist Shops.



Similar to how the Axolotl functions, the Telepack lets the user teleport while in the air. To activate it, the wearer must press the jump button mid-air, at which point it will teleport them forwards or in the direction they were holding. This teleport distance is either 4-8 tiles horizontally or upwards, or 5-9 tiles downwards.

If the teleport destination tile is a solid block, the Telepack tries to save the user by looking for an empty space up to 3 tiles above the selected location; if there is no viable space, the user will be teleported into the solid block, killing the user and destroying the tile (if possible). This quirk of teleporting is known as the "+3 rule" by the community.

If the user is about to be damaged in midair or land in Spikes, the Telepack will automatically attempt to save the player from dying/taking damage by activating.

  • The direction of the auto-teleport can be controlled by holding up or down.
  • Automatic teleportation may result in the user teleporting into a wall and dying, but does not occur if damage is taken while on solid ground, climbing, or on a ledge.
  • If the Telepack activates via contact with spikes, the spikes in question that would have ended the player's run will then become covered in blood.
  • If the damage that was dodged with the auto-teleport would inflict a Debuff (Poison, Curse, Fire), only the effect, not the damage, still gets applied to the spelunker. For an example, auto-teleporting because a poison arrow hit the user will result in them dodging the arrow's two damage, but still getting poisoned anyway.

Carrying a Four-Leaf Clover will cause the Telepack to always teleport the user the max possible range, meaning either 8 tiles horizontally/upwards and/or 9 tiles downwards.

Telepacks can teleport the operator up to three times before requiring its user to land on the ground to teleport once more. Auto-teleports from midair damage count toward these three uses.

Teleporting into a Bone Block will simply destroy it, keeping the user safe. Teleporting into a Bone Block overrides the +3 rule, and despite their similar status, this does not apply to Regenerating Blocks, with the user being killed if they teleport into one without room for the +3 rule to save them.

If the user is descending with an activated Parachute, pressing jump to cancel the parachute will also teleport the user. Additionally, if the user is in Quicksand and presses jump to climb out of it while not grounded, the user will be teleported. Because these situations are rare, these interactions will likely kill the player if they are unaware.

If the operator teleports into a space occupied by another entity, the latter will be telefragged, leaving behind nothing but gibs and pieces, regardless of HP. This includes bosses, such as Tiamat or one of the heads of Hundun. Certain enemies are immune to telefragging, such as Olmec, and Kingu. Telefragging an explosive enemy, such as Robots, UFOs, and Fire Frogs is not preferred, as it will kill the enemy and cause an explosion.


If an unequipped, idle Telepack is hit with fire, an explosion, an arrow, a Shotgun pellet, or a Spark Trap, it ignites. An ignited Telepack after half a second will then teleport 4-8 tiles left or right and explode, dealing 10 explosion damage and 1 fire damage. A user becoming ignited will ignite their worn Telepack by extension, causing the Telepack to teleport them before exploding.

The Telepack item itself teleporting can telefrag and instantly kill entities. If a Telepack is crushed, it will instantly teleport 4-8 tiles left or right and explode.


  • The Telepack is a high risk, high reward item. Although the Telepack has the ability to teleport its user into areas normally inaccessible without Bombs or Ropes while keeping the spelunker's hands free for holding valuable resources like Pets or Idols, they can be a quick path to death if the operator doesn't understand and/or accept the risks and limitations they have.
    • The easy activation of simply pressing the jump button in midair can lead to incautious players accidentally activating the pack, potentially putting them in a dangerous situation or outright killing them.
    • The automatic teleportation feature of the Telepack can be as helpful as it is harmful; while it can occasionally prevent a grizzly death, it may also cause one as it teleports the unfortunate user into a wall trying to protect them from harm.
  • If a player can master the Telepack, they technically have their hands on the fastest and most efficient method of transportation in the game, making it an invaluable tool for players trying to speedrun the game with any means necessary.

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

1.25.0 (W64)

  • Fixed telepack's automatic teleport behavior when colliding with laser beams

1.22.6 (Switch)

  • Fixed issue where teleporting could sometimes force tossing the currently held item
  • Falling into spikes now reset fall timers (needed when teleporter backpack saves you instead)
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