When I'm trying to pay Tunnel Man, the results are ambiguous. I press the action button and sometimes he thanks me, sometimes he says he'll never get it built. I press up to see if I can give him more of my money but I see no effect. I'm using an XBOX 360 controller on my PC, although that shouldn't matter.

When I originally played this game in beta (contributed to this article way back when, btw!) I recall having the option to give him more money, not just a default amount. What am I doing wrong now? tour86rocker 21:45, December 15, 2011 (UTC)



How do I add Tunnel Man to Journal?

I already made all shoutcut (I can't meet him any longer in dungeon).

(I remember it was very easy before... new save data in ver.1.4

Is this bug ?)

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