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The Tablet of Destiny is an Accessory in Spelunky 2. It is obtained by defeating either Kingu, the boss of Abzu, or Osiris, the boss of the Duat. It is a vital item in the questline to reach the Sunken City, as it tells of the correct Ushabti that will produce the Qilin.


The Tablet of Destiny is unique from other accessories, as it has no direct use. Holding this item only has the functionality of changing its own journal entry to a prophecy relating to the Ushabti found in the sub area in 6-2 of Neo Babylon. The prophecy includes three descriptors relating to a specific Ushabti, formatted as such:

  • Tablet of Destiny Link S2.png "A (descriptor) servant of (material) marked by the (symbol) will open the door for the Aspirant."

Taking the Ushabti fitting this description to the next level, 6-3 will make it start ringing, then shortly thereafter burst into the Qilin.

Note that in Multiplayer if the Tablet is dropped, the Journal entry will revert to the normal description, meaning that players may want to keep note of the correct Ushabti incase the player holding the Tablet dies.



Simple Tall Smiling Cracked
Descriptor simple.png Descriptor tall.png Descriptor smiling.png Descriptor cracked.png


Clay Wood Gold Jade Onyx
Clay.png Material wood.png Material gold.png Material jade.png Material onyx.png


Snake Eye Vortex Ankh Bat
Symbol snake.png Eye.png Symbol spiral.png Symbol anhk.png Symbol bat.png


Tablet of Destiny Link S2.png "A tall servant of onyx marked by the ankh will open the door for the Aspirant." Tablet of Destiny Link S2.png "A smiling servant of jade marked by the bat will open the door for the Aspirant." Tablet of Destiny Link S2.png "A cracked servant of clay marked by the vortex will open the door for the Aspirant." Tablet of Destiny Link S2.png "A simple servant of gold marked by the eye will open the door for the Aspirant."
Tall Onyx Ankh.png Smiling Jade Bat.png Cracked Clay Vortex.png Simple Gold Eye.png
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