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The Sunken City is the secret seventh world in Spelunky 2.


The Sunken City is accessed by ascending up Tiamat's Throne and entering the spaceship resembling Olmec found in the backlayer.

This is most easily done with the Qilin, a mount with infinite flight. To obtain the Qilin, one must obtain the Ushabti that it spawns from, which is located with the help of the Tablet of Destiny, which itself is obtained through its own series of steps. The branching quest that consists of the Spelunker gathering a series of different items in order to reach the Sunken City is known as the "Chain".

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Similar to Duat, the Sunken City is a "reverse" world, where the Spelunker starts at the bottom of each level and travels to the level exit found at the top. The gravity of water is reversed in the Sunken City, falling upwards.

The Sunken City consists of tight corridors connected through large purple pipes that Spelunkers can travel through. These corridors are packed with weak enemies that can easily finish off low health Spelunkers or push them into the instantly killing Regenerating Blocks or Spikes in the area.

  • The Sun Challenge, hosted by Tun, can be found in either level 7-1, 7-2, or 7-3. Spelunkers can pay a fee of $50,000 to enter, surviving an onslaught of powerful enemies for 30 seconds to obtain a Player Bag containing 24 bombs and 24 rope along with the Arrow of Light, an item necessary for later progression.
  • 7-1 also contains the Mother Statue, beside a door leading to the most secretive area in Spelunky 2. Placing a certain NPC upon the arms of the Mother Statue opens the door to this area.
    • If a Spelunker stands in the Mother Statue's arms themselves, they receive 4 HP after remaining for 10 seconds.
  • If any items are still being carried by Waddler from Olmec's Lair/Ice Caves, he appears along the main path in an exposed backlayer door in 7-1, so that the Spelunker may retrieve them from him if they wish.
  • Goliath Frogs may spawn in 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3. If the Spelunker defeats a Goliath Frog, it is possible to enter them through their mouth. A Coffin containing the playable Spelunker Dirk Yamaoka can be found and unlocked inside the belly of a Goliath Frog.

Level 7-4 is Hundun's Hideaway, where the Spelunker can battle Hundun and either reach the "hard" ending or enter the Cosmic Ocean by firing the Arrow of Light from Hou Yi's Bow into the eye of the defeated Hundun.

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Tadpole Link S2.png
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Fire Frog Link S2.png
Goliath Frog Link S2.png
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Giant Fly Link S2.png


Arrow Trap SC Link S2.png
Frog Trap Link S2.png
Sticky Trap Link S2.png
Bone Drop Link S2.png
Egg Sac Link S2.png
Regenerating Block Link S2.png


  • The Sunken City is loosely based off of the Lovecraftian city of R'yleh, and reflects that in its appearance.
  • When asked where exactly the Sunken City was in a Developer AMA, Spelunky creator Derek Yu simply replied with "Up ;)"

Version History

Disclaimer: All content from Version 1.25 and onwards are currently unavailable on PS4.
In Europe, Africa, Middle East & Oceania, all content after Version 1.20.4d are also unavailable on PS4. This is due to multiple reasons, although content will be available in the future.

1.22.6 (Switch)

  • Dirk's spawn is now guaranteed (A Goliath Frog containing Dirk Yamaoka's Coffin is now guaranteed to appear somewhere between 7-1 and 7-3.)

1.21.0c (W64)

  • Tweaked or added a couple of new room layouts in both the jungle and a certain froggy-themed world (Sunken City)

1.20.3a (W64)

  • Players can now carry a golden monkey through pipes
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