A Sticky Trap is a trap only found in the Sunken City. It behaves similarly to a Spike Ball trap.


The trap will only activate if any entity is underneath it without any blocks in it's way. Upon activating, the eye will open and the tongue will fall down, sticking anything to it. The trap will reset after slowly going back up.

It will take any item that happens to be in its path and collect it, making it irretrievable unless the player manages to disarm the trap. The sticky trap may not do direct damage to entities, but getting hit by it will stun the player for a very long time and they will take damage if the trap also picked up an enemy.

Due to the long stun time, if a player is caught in a narrow area, they can potentially be infinitely stunlocked.


This trap can be really easy to avoid, and there is typically no penalty if a player gets hit by it. However, if a player finds one of their item stuck in the tongue, it's likely that the player will have to spend a resource to retrieve it. This is especially problematic if the player gets Hou Yi's Bow and the Arrow Of Light trapped on the Sticky Trap. This could become even more problematic at Hundun's Hideaway, because of the small amount of time the player has to get the bow unstuck.

Methods of Disarming:

  • Sticking or throwing a Bomb will blow up the trap (Note that this will kill any Pet caught in the tongue).
  • Tossing a Fire Frog at the trap, then detonating it.
  • Using a Mattock to break the eye block.

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