The Steam Version of Spelunky HD is a participant in the Steam Trading Card system.

About Steam Trading CardsEdit

By spending time playing the game, every player will earn four random card drops of the eight available cards. By trading cards with other players and opening booster packs, a complete set can be 'crafted' into a badge earning XP to increase a player's Steam Level and additional community items to feature on the user's profile.

Trading CardsEdit

Each trading card is also available in the rare 'foil' variety.
Click on a card to display the full 1920x1080px high-resolution artwork.

Spelunky Guy Card Shopkeeper Card Pug Damsel Card Tunnel Man Card
Spelunky Guy Shopkeeper Pug Damsel Tunnel Man
Old Bitey Card Alien Lord Card Yeti King Card Mummy Card
Old Bitey Alien Lord Yeti King Mummy


Collecting a full set of regular trading cards provides the option to craft them into a badge, which is untradable but provides XP points and can be featured on your player profile.
Crafting multiple sets of cards upgrades your badge level, producing increasing quantities of XP.
Crafting a set of rare foil cards produces the special foil badge.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Foil Badge
Clay Idol Badge Worn Idol Badge Dinged Idol Badge Polished Idol Badge Shining Idol Badge Crystal Skull Badge
Clay Idol Worn Idol Dinged Idol Polished Idol Shining Idol Crystal Skull

Crafting a set of cards into a badge also produces a random emoticon to use in chat and a random background to feature on your steam Profile. Both of these items are tradable and marketable.

Trading OutletsEdit

If none of your friends play Spelunky, good places to find trading partners include:

Alternatively, one can pay a small amount of money from their steam wallet to purchase the cards on the Steam Community Market.

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