Killing unarmed elderly people has never been so rewarding.

"Kill as many angry Shopkeeps as you can before they get you!"

The Stars Room is one of the unlockable minigames accessible from the Scores Room.
To unlock this room, earn a Gold trophy score for kills in a single game.
Gold trophies require 120 kills, Silver trophies require 100 kills and Bronze trophies require 80 kills.

If you are having trouble with reaching the kill threshold, consider killing the final boss extremely slowly; the weak mobs he summons after stomping will count towards your total.


You're given a Shotgun at the beginning of the game. Angry Shopkeepers and Spiders drop periodically from the four holes in the ceiling, and your objective is to kill as many Shopkeepers as possible before you die. You are awarded one point for each dead shopkeeper, but not for killing spiders.
Mercifully, the shopkeepers do not carry shotguns, but are still very fast and can easily kill you by throwing you about or stealing the shotgun from you.

A shopkeeper is summoned every 6.6 seconds (200 frames). Every 10 kills, the spawn interval is shortened by 0.83 seconds (25 frames), to a maximum rate of one spawning every 3.3 seconds (100 frames). This occurs after 40 kills.

A spider is summoned upon a (N-1)% chance, every 0.66 seconds (20 frames), where N is the number of kills up to that point.
For example, at 15 kills, the game will roll a 14% chance of spawning a spider every 0.66 seconds.
Naturally, as your score increases, the spiders will begin to spawn faster as well.


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Source: Objects/oStarsRoom/Alarm

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