Spelunky Classic is made by Derek Yu, also the creator of Spelunky 2, and Spelunky HD. It was made using GameMaker 2. Spelunky Classic was released in 2009 and also released before Spelunky 2, and Spelunky HD. This is a great game but has a lot of glitches. There has been a port to Chromebook called Spelunky HTML5 and had unofficial port in android. Down below I will link other important information made by many Spelunky Wiki Editors.

Spelunky Classic
Places Enemies Traps Spelunkers
Mines Snake,Spider,Bat,Giant Spider,Cavemen Arrow Trap Guy Spelunky
Jungle Frog,Fire Frog,Mantrap,Piranha,Mega Mouth,Vampire,Jangshi,Skeleton Piranha Tiki Trap Damsel
Ice Caves Yeti,Yeti King,UFO,Alien Lord Spring The Tunnel Man
Temple Hawk Man,Mummy,Olmec Crush Trap
Black Market Shopkeeper No Unique Trap
City of Gold Same as Temple No Unique Trap
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