When a Spelunker dies in co-op, they will drop a Corpse Bag and become a Ghist. The colors and features of the Ghist resemble the player character that died. Player Ghists can use the attack button to hold their breath and release a puff of air, knocking anything forward. If a player Ghist holds their breath for over 2.5 seconds, they will be able to shoot a short-ranged Ice shot just like the Freeze Ray when released. Pressing the "bomb" button while playing as a ghist will boost them forward. Pressing the "rope" button while playing as a ghist will cause them to shake and make a loud rattling noise. This has no effect on gameplay. Player Ghists can help living players by:

  • Using its held breath to blow objects from high elevation to help with players from wasting ropes.
  • Triggering Powder Boxes.
  • Provoking Pets from their idle state.
  • Blowing away The Ghost.
  • Leaving powerful enemies to be easily defeating using their ice blast, such as Quillback, Osiris, or even Tiamat.
Player Ghists can provoke Shopkeepers and other NPCs by freezing them. For each player Ghist that exists, the amount of time in a level before The Ghost spawns reduces by 30 seconds. Taking a picture of a player Ghist using the Camera will momentarily and forcefully freeze them into an odd shape or expression.

Every single special pose that Spelunker Ghists perform when a picture of them is taken with the Camera.

When a spelunker dies in Co-op (or deathmatch, given the Ghost option is active), they will become a spelunker ghost. Spelunker ghosts can fly in any direction (with a slippery traction) and can pass through walls. Spelunker ghosts will be dragged along by the host (or the highest numbered player if the host is dead) such that they cannot leave the host's line of sight.

Spelunker ghosts can blow puffs of air with the attack button, which pushes items and enemies in a 2 block range, stunning them like a whip does (not dealing damage). In addition, this will also smash breakables such as pots and bone piles. This can be used to assist or hinder living players until they are revived.

If the attack button is held for a few seconds, they will fire a Freeze Ray projectile instead.

They also visual effects. They can spin in a circle with the rope button, stretch themselves vertically with the bomb button, and pulsate a few times with the jump button .

If a camera is used on a spelunker ghost, they will freeze and perform a pose of some sort, unique to each spelunker. They are also able to make a pose while performing a spin.

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