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Spectacles are an item that improves the Spelunker's vision in Spelunky 2.


Spectacles can be obtained from the following sources:


Spectacles allow the wearer to see gems and items buried in terrain. The Udjat Eye also has this function. In Online Multiplayer, only the players who have Spectacles or the Udjat Eye can see gems and items in terrain. One player having Spectacles or the Udjat Eye will not automatically reveal buried gems and items for the other players.

Spectacles also grant improved visibility in dark levels and backlayers by slightly increasing the glow around the Spelunker. The Spectacles' glow and the Hedjet's glow stack if the Spelunker posesses both at once, which causes them to illuminate the entire screen.

The player is also given immunity to Octopy ink with Spectacles equipped, becoming unable to be blinded.


  • Visibility in dark levels and backlayers is a very useful feature, as dark levels are considered to be some of the most dangerous environments in the game. The extra visibility can be the difference between life and death.
  • If the player does not have the Udjat Eye when they take on the Moon Challenge, Spectacles are a useful alternative for spotting valuable gems within the ground and making a profit from the challenge.
  • Though generally considered to be one of the less useful items, it is incredibly cheap in Shops, and may be worth the extra visibility if the player does not already have the Hedjet or Udjat Eye. This is especially true for runs through Volcana that intend to collect Vlad's Cape and/or proceed to Sunken City and/or Cosmic Ocean, as using the Drill to access Vlad's Castle requires the player to give up the Udjat Eye.


Image showcasing how Spectacles and/or Hedjet impact the glow around Spelunkers.
Top-left: Nothing.
Top-right: Spectacles.
Bottom-left: Hedjet.
Bottom-right: Hedjet and Spectacles.

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