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Sparrow is a Quest NPC in Spelunky 2.


If Sparrow is provoked in any step of her quest, she attacks with a Crossbow and drops a Skeleton Key if killed.

Step 1

Angering a Shopkeeper in a level prior to Olmec's Lair by picking up an unpaid item and taking it out of the shop (thus triggering the "Stop, thief!" dialogue and not the "Vandal!" dialogue) will cause Sparrow to spawn in the next possible level after completing the current and subsequent level. She is found in a backlayer accessed via a small wooden structure that spawns somewhere in the level.

Approaching Sparrow in the backlayer will cause her to toss a Rope Pile at the player before she challenges them to steal from Madame Tusk. Not talking to Sparrow on the level she spawns and instead continuing forward will void the questline.

Step 2

Sparrow's quest can only be continued by visiting Tide Pool from Olmec's Lair instead of Temple of Anubis. If the player has interacted with her previously, the locked door above Madame Tusk's Dice House will contain The Tusk Idol in place of the usual note from Sparrow, wanting to test the player's skill at thieving. In order to obtain The Tusk Idol without killing Tusk herself for the Key she drops to unlock the door, the player must find another one beforehand or bring or a Skeleton Key.

If Tusk's Bodyguard has line of sight with or gets within a certain radius of the player while they are holding The Tusk Idol, both him and Tusk will anger and attack.

Collecting The Tusk Idol and securing it at the level's exit without killing Madame Tusk herself will continue Sparrow's quest.

Step 3

Sparrow appears in a backlayer accessed found below a set of climbable mushrooms in 6-1 of Neo Babylon. Talking to her makes her tell the player to meet her at Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure. Interacting with her here will initiate the final phase of the questline. Not talking to Sparrow in 6-1 will end the questline prematurely.

When the player reaches the Palace of Pleasure in 6-3, the door to the vault found near the bottom of the level will be unlocked and both of the Bodyguards that were previously guarding it will be found dead. Sparrow will be inside offering to split the treasure with the player if they can get past the three Forcefields. The most straightforward way to do so requires the use of three Bombs, one for each forcefield.

The player is then allowed to open 4 of the 8 Chests, all of which have the payout of Vault chests. Opening more will anger Sparrow, prompting her to attack.

Completing Sparrow's entire quest and reporting back to her after opening only 4 of the vault chests will have her give the player a Player Bag containing 24 ropes.


  • Step 1:
    • Sparrow cannot spawn on 1-4 of the Dwelling nor can she spawn in Olmec's Lair due to the presence of Quillback and Olmec respectively. This makes it so that the earliest that she can spawn is in 2-1, of either Jungle or Volcana.
    • The latest that Sparrow can spawn is in 4-1 of Tide Pool, by stealing from a Shopkeeper in level 2-3 or 2-4. Her presence in the level will forcibly relocate Madame Tusk's Dice House to level 4-3.
  • Step 2:
    • Being caught by Madame Tusk or her Bodyguard while stealing The Tusk Idol will still allow the player to continue Sparrow's quest, so long as Tusk herself is not killed.
    • Conversely, the player may still play Tusk's dice game as long as they weren't caught stealing the idol, meaning they can still be invited to her Palace of Pleasure while also continuing Sparrow's quest.
    • If the player does not wish to continue Sparrow's quest while still gaining access to The Tusk Idol, they can kill her during her first encounter, preventing her from stealing it while dropping a Skeleton Key to unlock the door with.
  • Step 3:
    • Both Sparrow and Madame Tusk's quest can be completed in the same run without voiding the other, as using a Teleporter or other form of teleportation to access the Vault in the Palace of Pleasure will not anger Tusk.


  • Sparrow Link S2.png "You're good... but are you good enough to steal from Madame Tusk?" - Meeting Sparrow for the first time.
  • Sparrow Link S2.png "Big brother! I never thought I'd catch you thieving..." - Meeting Sparrow, if the player is playing as Dirk Yamaoka.
  • Sparrow Link S2.png "I'm impressed! Meet me at the Palace of Pleasure if you really want to get rich..." - Meeting Sparrow again in 6-3 of Neo Babylon.
  • Sparrow Link S2.png "If you get past the lasers, I'll split the treasure with you." - Meeting Sparrow in the Palace of Pleasure's vault.
  • Sparrow Link S2.png "Good work! We make a great team!" - Opening only 4 of the 8 Chests in the Vault, and returning to Sparrow, who will give them the Player Bag containing 24 ropes.
  • Sparrow Link S2.png "Hey, that's my share!" - Opening more than 4 of the 8 Chests in the Vault, incurring Sparrow's wrath.
  • Sparrow Note.png "Too bad. I got here first." - The note left behind by Sparrow in place of The Tusk Idol, if she was never encountered.
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