Spark Traps are wall-mounted Traps that will generate a dangerous electricity ball when the player comes too close, flying around the trap in a circular fashion. They are found exclusively in Neo Babylon.


Spark traps sense anything moving within ~6 tiles around them, and will then generate an electricity ball that will fly around it about 3 tiles away in a clockwise circle, damaging anything it comes in contact with and generating a pinball noise when hitting an object repeatedly. It will not activate in the presence of monsters or other entities other than Hired Hands or the Eggplant Child.

Spark traps are arguably the most dangerous things in Neo Babylon, as they are deceptively difficult to avoid in the small corridors of the area. Spark Traps will also ignite any entity they hit, which could later hit flammable pack items such as the Jetpack. Note that the Spark Trap itself will not interact with items, even when flammable. Only entities that are launched into them by a Spark Trap will.


  • One of the defining abilities of the Spark Trap is it's ability to fling enemies like Olmites and UFOs at the player or other undesirable locations. This is especially problematic if the player is wearing a flammable pack item like the Hoverpack, as even a single flaming Olmite flung at the player could detonate it and incur massive explosion damage.
  • Spark traps can only be deactivated by staying out of their range or destroying them by applying a Bomb or swinging a Mattock to it's block.
  • Spark traps can be destroyed with a mattock or a bomb to the main power source.
  • Avoiding the electricity ball is difficult, but possible if the player is fast and precise enough. Patience is the key to making a plan to avoid spark traps, as well as the crush-happy elevators they exist alongside.

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