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The Sorceress is an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They spawn commonly in Temple of Anubis.


When Sorceresses spot the spelunker, they rise up one tile and prepare a magic spell. After roughly a second, they summon a magical red dagger which quickly flies at their target, dealing 2 damage to whatever it hits.

Although not clearly telegraphed, Sorceress attack range is omnidirectional and ignores walls; daggers can be fired at the spelunker even when they are directly above or below them.

If the dagger instead hits a tile, it instead spawns one of the following:

Sorceress daggers can also damage enemies. In the case of a dagger hitting an inactive Crocman, it teleports to avoid taking damage and runs off.

Sorceresses have a 1/10 chance to drop a single ruby on death. Like all other eligible Temple of Anubis enemies, they are worth twice as much as normal enemies are at a Kali Altar, worth 4 favor when sacrificed live and 2 favor when offered dead.


  • As written about in the journal entry for the Golden Monkey, a Sorceress is responsible for transforming it into an Idol.
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