Sliding Walls are a mechanism commonly found in the Tide Pool, the City of Gold, and the Eggplant World. They can also be found in Vlad's Castle, situated in the Volcana. They will be found hanging from an anchor block via a chain. Not only can the chain be climbed on, but the chain can also be retracted by hitting an associated switch.


Sliding Walls will always be generated hanging from an anchor block, suspended via a chain that can be retracted by flipping a switch, usually found somewhere nearby. The switch can be flipped by whipping it, shooting it, and even throwing things at it. Furthermore, retracting the wall takes a while, but letting it down will make it fall directly downwards at high speeds, which can be dangerous if the spelunker is standing directly below it. If the anchor block is destroyed, the wall will fall down as well.


Due to their controllable and deadly nature, they can be used to crush enemies, or even just to block them off. It can be very helpful to use them to dispatch enemies from afar, especially considering the switch will usually be behind a wall.

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