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Skeletons are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They randomly appear in all areas.


Skeletons spawn inactive, nearly indistinguishable from harmless piles of bones seen throughout the caves.

If a spelunker gets within three tiles horizontally of a skeleton, they rise, walking in the direction of the spelunker.

Skeletons are 'blind' and walk in straight lines regardless of their surroundings. They walk off ledges and only change direction when they reach a wall.

Skeletons instantly die to the flash of a Camera, and leave a normal Skull behind.

Skeletons have an approximately 1/750 chance to drop a skeleton key.

Telling apart

The easiest way to tell apart a Skeleton from a normal skull and bones is by looking at their eye socket. A Skeleton will have a much larger, rounder eye socket, while the skull has a much slimmer and smaller eye socket.

Skeletons also have a slightly more rounded jaw, and the entire head will lean into the ground slightly lower than a skull will.

A comparison between the Skeleton and a normal, harmless skull and bones.

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