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Shotgun Link S2.png The Shotgun is a ranged weapons in Spelunky 2. Shotguns can be obtained in four ways:


  • Pulling the trigger fires a blast of buckshot discharging 6 pellets at once that each deal 4 points of damage.
    • If a pellet hits an entity, there is a brief delay before another pellet can damage it.
  • Firing the Shotgun also produces recoil pushing the player back by one tile.
  • Like most ranged weapons, the Shotgun has unlimited ammunition, but takes a second to reload.
  • Riding a Mount greatly decreases recoil, and wearing a Powerpack Link S2.png Powerpack greatly decreases both recoil and reload time.

Some threats can reflect shotgun pellets back at the user, such as Robot Link S2.png Robots, Forcefield Link S2.png Forcefields, held Shield Link S2.png Shields/Wooden Shield Link S2.png Wooden Shields, and armored Olmite Link S2.png Olmites.


  • It is possible to jump one tile higher with the shotgun's recoil by firing and then jumping in rapid succession. This is a strategy known as "shotgun jumping", and can be combined with Spring Shoes Link S2.png Spring Shoes to effectively double the player's natural jumping height.
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