The Shotgun is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game. It is capable of killing most enemies with only a single shot, even from far away.

Although weaker than the Scepter and the Plasma Cannon, the shotgun is much easier to find early in the game and is practically risk-free to use, making it the weapon of choice for most players.

Shotguns can be acquired in several ways. They may be sold in weapon shops, and also have a low chance of being found inside a crate.
All Shopkeepers carry shotguns to enforce order in their stores, but you will need to fight them in order to take it and will be branded a wanted criminal by doing so.
A guaranteed shotgun can be found in a Restless Dead level, buried under a unique grave with 'ASH' inscribed upon it - a reference to the protagonist of the Evil Dead movies.


The shotgun fires buckshot, discharging 6 pellets at once that each deal 4 points of damage. If you or an enemy are damaged by a pellet, there is brief delay before additional pellets will do damage. The pellets are fired on slightly divergent trajectories and spread slightly as they travel, but this doesn't really affect long-range accuracy. There is a brief 'reloading' time after firing that restricts its rate of fire, but the weapon has unlimited ammunition.

Most enemies will be killed with a single shot, but large, tough monsters can withstand several hits.
Some enemies are immune to gunfire, including the Ghost, Olmec, Croc Men and Bacteria. The Black Knight's Shield will reflect your bullets back at you, but he will be vulnerable if you can make him drop it by stomping on him.

Remember that the recoil from firing a shotgun will throw you back by one tile's width. Always make sure that this won't cause you to fall off ledges or push you into a trap.
It is possible to jump one tile higher with the shotgun's recoil by firing and jumping simultaneously. This can be combined with the spring shoes to effectively double your natural jumping height.

It's always a good idea to try to ascertain where your shots will land, as stray bullets could hit Damsels, Scarabs or Shopkeepers off-screen.

The light produced by the muzzle flash can be used to get your bearings in dark levels.


Killing a Shopkeeper is a reliable but risky way of getting a shotgun.

Shotguns are ranged weapons that are widely considered to be the singular best weapon in the game, perhaps besides the Scepter.

They may be sold in weapon shops, and also have a low chance of appearing inside crates. All Shopkeepers carry a shotgun and will use it on you if you provoke them.
A guaranteed Shotgun can be found buried beneath certain graves in Restless Dead levels with "ASH" inscribed upon them - a shout out to the Evil Dead movies - which can be unearthed using a bomb or a mattock.


Shotguns fire a scatter shot of 6 pellets (that each deal 4HP of damage) with a moderate reloading time between shots.
The pellets travel on slightly divergent trajectories and spread slightly as they travel, but this doesn't really affect long range accuracy.

If all pellets hit their mark - as is common at close range or on large targets such as a Mummy - a single shotgun blast deals 24 HP of damage.
This is enough to kill almost any enemy in the game, the only exceptions being Megamouth who has 40 HP and the Yeti King who has 30 HP - necessitating about two shots to kill either of them.
Furthermore, the final boss is immune to damage and cannot be harmed by the shotgun.

Being shot by a Shopkeeper is almost always fatal, unless you have extremely high HP or manage to avoid the majority of the pellets at long range.

Firing a shotgun produces a moderate recoil that causes the Spelunker to be knocked back slightly, which can have consequences when firing near a ledge. On ice, this effect is amplified due to lack of friction, unless you have spike shoes equipped.

Shotguns have unlimited ammunition, and can also be used to break open pots and destroy Skeletons (whether undead or not) from a safe distance.

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