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Shops are randomly-generated features that can be found in the caves in almost any level. They are small alcoves dug into the rock, typically manned by a Shopkeeper, selling various items or services.

There are 5 types of shops: Standard Shops, Tun Shops, Caveman Shops, Yang's Shop, and Ghist Shops.


Shops can appear in any level throughout the caves except for the first floor of the Dwelling (1-1), Olmec's Lair, The City of Gold, Duat, Abzu, Tiamat's Throne, Hundun's Hideaway, and the Cosmic Ocean.

A Shop has a 2/X chance of spawning on a level, with X being the level the player is on. For example, 1-3 has a 2/3 chance of having a shop, while 2-4 has a 2/8 (1/4) chance of having one.

While a Shopkeeper's shop is supposedly guaranteed on level 1-2, the game requires a free space along the main path to the level's exit to spawn the shop. This makes it possible for a Vault, the room containing the Udjat Eye, or Yang's Pen to deny a Shop from spawning in 1-2. Additionally, the shop in 1-2 will never be a Hired Hand Shop, Pet Shop, or Dice House.

A total of seven shops appear in The Black Market, though shops will never spawn outside of The Black Market on the same level.


As with all other installments of the Spelunky series, the cost of all items and services sold in shops increases as the player progresses through the levels, with prices determined by a standard "base value", plus a "level inflation coefficient".

The formula for pricing remains as:

Base Value + (Levels Completed * Level Inflation Coefficient)


  • Shops are never generated on level 1-1, so no item or service is ever sold for its base value alone.
  • Taking a shortcut raises prices to the level they would have been if the player had played through from the beginning, so they cannot be used to circumvent price inflation by skipping levels.
  • The Hedjet has an inflation coefficient of zero. Its price is always fixed at $40,000.
  • Dice Houses have an inflation coefficient of zero. Their price will remain the same across all areas.
  • The inflated prices are counteracted somewhat by the increasing value of Treasure collected later in the game. However, treasure also becomes much more difficult to collect later in the game as the levels get harder.


There are three ways that a player can receive a discount at a Shopkeeper's shop:

  • Buying out an entire shop (excluding Hired Hand Shops, Dice Houses, and shops in the Black Market) will cause the Association to consider the player a "Big Spender" and award a 10% discount.
  • If the player wants an even larger discount, wearing the Crown will cause the Association to treat the player as royalty and offer a massive 50% discount.
  • If the shop is in the Black Market, the items sold will be returned to their price in 1-2: Base Value + (1 * Level Inflation Coefficient). The Crown and "Big Spender" discounts are applied after this, though the Crown is impossible to legitimately have while in the Black Market due to it only being found in Volcana.

The discounts offered by the "Big Spender" title and the Crown stack together, and are never taken away, even if the player angers the Association and gets forgiven.

Players that wear the True Crown will incur a 100% price increase, doubling the prices in Shopkeeper's Shops. This also cancels the Crown and "Big Spender" discounts.

Having either the Crown or the "Big Spender" title will have Shopkeepers refer to the player as "Your Highness", while wearing the True Crown will cause Shopkeepers to mockingly refer to the player as "Your Majesty".

Types of Shops

The majority of shops that the player will encounter are manned by members of the Shopkeeper's Association. There are 6 types of shops: General Stores, Clothing Stores, Pet Stores, Gun Stores, Hired Hand Shops, Specialty Shops, and Dice Houses. For more information on the Shopkeepers themselves, including stealing, visit their wiki page.

General Stores


General Stores contain basic resources which although common, can be valuable assets to the player:

Clothing Shops


Clothing shops contain various equipment for the player that can be "worn", as well as rope piles:

Pet Shops


Pet shops contain different varieties of animals, as well as rope piles. The player has the opportunity to purchase pre-tamed mounts, even outside of their naturally spawning habitats. It will always contain two rope piles, a Mount, and a Pet.

A special variant of Pet Shops can be found in The Black Market, which will always contain a Pet and three Rope Piles, as Mounts cannot be taken in or out of the Black Market.

Weapon Shops


Weapon shops will sell the player a variety of weapons that the player can use to fight enemies with:

Hired Hand Shops


Hired Hand shops will always sell the player a single Hired Hand and one item that may appear in a Clothing Store:

Specialty Shops


Specialty shops will sell the player a wide variety of items, most notably Backpacks:

Dice Houses


Dice Houses loosely fit the definition of Shops, as the player can instead gamble for money and prizes. In every Dice House is two dice. When the player pays to play the dice game, they may roll both die for a result.

  • Rolling a 6 or below will be a loss and nothing will be earned.
  • Rolling an 8 or higher will be a win and the player will earn back double of what they paid to play the game.
  • Rolling a 7 will net the player a prize, which can be any item from any shop, excluding Mystery Boxes, Skeleton Keys, Metal Shields, or living creatures.

Rolling the same die twice while playing the dice game or taking a die outside of the Dice House will cause the Shopkeeper to anger.

Whipping a die while it is midair will always cause it to roll either a 6 or a 1, with a 50/50 chance. This can be a much more reliable method to roll 7s compared to playing the game normally.

Hedjet Stall


In the Black Market, there is always a Shopkeeper in the very right side of the first floor of shops. He sells only one item, which is always the Hedjet for $40,000, or $36,000 if the player has the "Big Spender" title.

More Shops

For information on Shops not run by members of the Shopkeeper's Association, see the following pages: