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For the information on the shops (and pricing/discounts) themselves, see Shop (2).

Shopkeepers are a vendor NPC in Spelunky 2. They are typically found in their own shops or are seen guarding Vaults.

Stealing from a Shopkeeper or being partially responsible for damaging one or their property angers the Shopkeeper's Association. All Shopkeepers are armed with a Shotgun, and after angering them, attack the player (or in multiplayer, all players) on sight. A wanted poster of the player appears in all shops, and in every non-special level, a Shopkeeper spawns waiting for the player at the main exit door.

General Behavior

A player (top) abusing Shopkeeper ladder and trigger range mechanics to get them to shoot each other in the Black Market while remaining safe.

Much like all other NPCs, angry Shopkeepers attempt to throw any players that get too close, dealing 1 HP and stunning them in the process (leaving them open to what is likely going to be another throw or Shotgun blast). Shopkeepers have 10 HP, can jump up to three blocks high on their own, are immune to Whip damage, and are only stunned for roughly one second if the Camera is not used on them.

While the Association is angry, all Shopkeepers will initially begin patrolling the ground they stand on, turning around once meeting a ledge. Getting too close to an on guard Shopkeeper prompts only him to begin attacking. Being responsible for hurting a Shopkeeper will switch all Shopkeepers on the level into attack mode, and not just the one they hurt.

  • Angry Shopkeepers only fire their shotgun if a player gets within 4 tiles of them on the x coordinate and approximately 12 tiles on the y coordinate.
    • This allows a brief window for one to run away from Shopkeepers charging them down from offscreen before they fire.
  • Once in range, angry Shopkeepers repeatedly fire their Shotguns with no regard for nearby NPCs, entities, or their wares, in the hopes of one of blast hitting their target.
  • Angry Shopkeepers have the ability to climb ladders, rope, vines, chains, and other climbable objects, but never climb them if a player is in their vertical range and within 3 tiles of the ladder, in order to lessen the risk of them climbing up the ladder and being stomped by the player above.
    • This can be abused by staying near the climbable object, preventing Shopkeepers from climbing it and putting the player in danger. A particularly tall ladder or other object will likely still be climbed by shopkeepers regardless of player proximity, if the bottom of it is out of their vertical range of the player.
  • Shopkeepers always try to get onto the same horizontal level as the player, climbing ladders or descending downwards to do so. If unsuccessful in attacking the player despite getting on the same level as them, they may try jumping around to move out of any positions they may be stuck in.

If relieved of their Shotgun, Shopkeepers can also pick up and fire a Freeze Ray or Plasma Cannon. They do not pick up any other weapon, such as the Crossbow.

If swallowed by a Mantrap, they simply break free unharmed after a few seconds, although if the Mantrap is killed while the Shopkeeper is in their belly, both die.

Angry Shopkeepers never spawn at the exit door in Olmec's Lair, Abzu, Tiamat's Throne, Hundun's Hideaway, or the Cosmic Ocean.

Posse Rooms

Shopkeeper Outpost S2.PNG

After murdering 5-8 Shopkeepers (or obtaining the sin equivalent), the Shopkeeper's Association begin establishing posse rooms, made of wood containing 2-4 shopkeepers.

Posse rooms always spawn along the main path to the exit door, and may not only spawn in all standard levels, but may also appear levels like The City of Gold. They never spawn in levels that cannot contain an angry shopkeeper at the exit door.

Posse rooms tend to contain small niches in each of their corners, and treasure and Pets may spawn in them. In particularly unfavorable situations, the Curse Pot may spawn in them, which may lead to its accidental destruction by a shotgun blast and the summoning of the Ghost.


It is possible to be forgiven by the Shopkeeper's Association after angering them, allowing back access to their services and stopping Shopkeepers from attacking the player on sight or spawning at level exits.


Much like in Spelunky HD, Shopkeepers have a random name, with one possible name for each letter of the Alphabet: Ali, Bob, Cosmo, Darwin, Ear, Earl, Frank, Garth, Hakim, Iggy, Ivan, Jimbo, Kinni, Lou, Micky, Nacho, Omar, Pancho, Quincy, Ron, Sparky, Tarn, Ulf, Vern, Wang, Willy, Xander, Yoshi, and Ziggy.

There are 7 types of shops: General Store, Clothing Shop, Weapon Shop, Specialty Shop, Hired Hands Shop, Pets Shop, and Dice House.

Dialogue Trigger
Welcome to [Name of Shopkeeper]'s [Type of Shop]! Entering a shop.
Welcome, Your Highness! Do you see anything of interest? Entering a shop with the Crown, halving all prices.
Oh, hello, Your Majesty! See anything you like, heh heh? Being mocked after entering a shop with The True Crown, doubling all prices.
Wow, big spender! I'll remember you! Buying out an entire shop, awarding a "big spender" discount for later shops.
I'm completely sold out! Reentering a bought-out shop.
I'm happy to take that off your hands! Selling an Idol to a Shopkeeper.
You bet $2,500! Now roll the dice! Purchasing a round of the dice game in a Dice House.
You rolled a #! You lose./You win!/You win a prize! Completing a round of the dice game.
The Dice House is closed! I'm out of items! Reentering a Dice House that has already exhausted all three of its prizes.
Stop, thief! Angering a Shopkeeper by taking an unpaid item out of his shop. Triggering this line of dialogue also begins Sparrow's quest.
Vandal! Angering a Shopkeeper via any other means. Does not begin Sparrow's quest.
Cheater! Angering a Shopkeeper by rolling a dice that was already rolled during the dice game. This is considered cheating, and does not begin Sparrow's quest.


A side-by-side comparison between normal Shopkeepers and Shopkeeper Ear.

  • There is one shopkeeper name for every letter of the alphabet except for E, I, and W, which have two names each.
    • At Spelunky 2's launch, Shopkeeper Earl's name was misspelled as "Ear." This was fixed in version 1.19.8c, but by popular request the name was added back to the game in version 1.20.4a, existing alongside Earl. All shopkeepers named Ear are given noticeably larger ears compared to other Shopkeepers.
    • The name "Kinni" is likely a reference to Spelunky speedrunner Kinnijup.
  • Shopkeepers appear to all be clones, as strongly implied by their presence of both them and Proto Shopkeepers in the Mothership.