Shopkeepers are old men who own the various shops that can be found in any of the main areas of the cave.
Spelunkers can buy various items from them, provided they have enough money.
If you're feeling brave, it is also possible to rob a shop by either murdering the shopkeeper or by simply snatching the items and running out of the front door, although a successful heist is very difficult pull off.

Shopkeepers are merciless enemies and have zero tolerance for provocation.
Every shopkeeper carries a shotgun, and will not hesitate to use it as soon as you put a foot wrong in their store. They are also in surprisingly good health, capable of physically outperforming the Spelunkers in both athletics and toughness.


Shopkeepers in shops are passive, found manning the cashier and approaching visitors that show an interest in their stock.
They are also sometimes seen inside enclosed vaults, watching over chests filled with diamonds and other rare items. These shopkeepers always spawn hostile, regardless of whether the Spelunker is wanted or not, but aren't dangerous unless the vault is broken into.

Incurring their wrath:

They will become enraged if any one of the following conditions are met.

  1. They take any damage
  2. If a bomb falls too close to their shop square.
  3. If an item that hasn't been purchased leaves their store
  4. If a block that is considered part of their shop is destroyed
  5. Playing The Cyclops can automatically trigger slave-seller Shopkeeper into wrath.

they will always blame the spelunker, even if he/she is offscreen, and every shopkeeper thenceforth will want you dead. Additionally there will always be an angry shopkeeper camping at the end of subsequent levels.

When angered, Shopkeepers charge back and forth at high speed, leaping around erratically. When the Spelunker is nearby, they will also shoot indiscriminately with their shotgun (regardless of whether they are in his sights). Shopkeepers will also hurl the Spelunker around if they come into contact with him, much like a Yeti does. Taking any damage from a shopkeeper usually results in death, due to their ability to stun lock the player.

They will be stunned very briefly if they take damage, dropping their shotgun. If disarmed, they are able to pick their gun back up off the ground or even wrestle it right out of the Spelunker's hands. They can still attack while unarmed by throwing the Spelunker, much like a Hawk Man does. They are also able to pick up other weapons if no shotguns are available, like freeze rays

They cannot be killed by Mantrap - after being swallowed, they will simply tear their way out from inside it after a brief period of being stunned. While this will not anger a passive shopkeeper, it will not stop an angry one from rampaging.

If you are playing multiplayer co-op. if one Spelunker angers the shopkeeper, ALL Spelunkers in the session will be wanted.


Killing while passive.

  1. If you have a ranged weapon like a shotgun/boomerang, you can stun lock them to death pretty easily. Just make sure there aren't any gift boxes in the way.
  2. A mattock/machete will allow you to knock them unconcious and keep hitting while they're stunned (just make sure you are not touching them on the first strike).
  3. If you see a freeze ray in a shop:
    • pick it up, and let the shopkeeper walk out of the aclove. 
    • Freeze him with it
    • Then immediately jump on him to eliminate him.
  4. one could use a Teleporter to telefrag the Shopkeeper. This is especially easy if the Shopkeeper has one in stock, as you could purchase the Teleporter and immediately kill him with it. However, this method requires special care, as Teleporters can randomly teleport you (4-8 tiles in the direction you're facing) into solid blocks.
  5. It is possible to kill him by using the whip to steal his shotgun, but it requires very precise execution, and will always cost at least 1 hp.
    • Make sure that there are no pieces of handheld equipment/presents that you might pick up/open by accident (buying them if you feel safer).
    • Make sure he hasn't moved from his aclove.
    • Stand 1 block away from him and whip him twice, he'll drop hit shotgun (and take 1 hp from you).
    • You will have less than a second to run and grab the shotgun to let him have it! 
    • Note: If coming from left to right, his shotgun usually falls between the 1st and 2nd items from the left (and you can practice this in the third tutorial level). Trying this strategy from right to left is much more risky as the drop location varies.
    • A Crysknife will of course get this done in no time

This can be done even without losing one health. If you jump and whip then you can do this without losing anything at all. Bananasaurus Rex has a tutorial on this.

Fighting Angry Shopkeepers

They are best dealt with from a distance, using either bombs or a weapon as they are difficult to hit at close range and are capable of killing you very quickly. Machetes, Boomerangs, Freeze Rays and shotguns all aid in robbing shops while preventing counter attack.
Sticky bombs and a Pitcher's Mitt allow you to throw a bomb at them from a distance that is guaranteed to stick to them, which will kill them as soon as the bomb detonates.
They take three shotgun blasts to die, or three stomps while wearing the Spike Shoes.

Related Achievements

  • "Public Enemy" - Kill 12 or more Shopkeepers in one game. (guide)


  • There are 26 different shopkeeper names, one for each of the letters in the English alphabet: Ahkmed, Bob, Cosmo, Darwin, Error, Frank, Garth, Hakim, Iggy, Jimbo, Kevin, Lou, Max, Nacho, Omar, Pancho, Quincy, Ron, Sparky, Tarn, Ulf, Vern, Willy, Xorn, Yoshi, Ziggy.
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