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For the information on the shops (and pricing/discounts) themselves, see Shop.

Shopkeepers are old men who own the various Shops that can be found in any of the main areas of the caves in Spelunky 2.

Spelunkers can buy various items from them, provided they have enough money.

If the player is feeling brave, it is also possible to rob a Shop by either attacking the Shopkeeper or by simply snatching the items and running out of the front door. Shopkeepers are merciless enemies and have zero tolerance for provocation. A successful heist is very difficult to pull off for an inexperienced player, but there are multiple methods that can be performed to successfully execute them.

Every Shopkeeper carries a Shotgun, and will not hesitate to use it as soon as any Spelunker puts a foot wrong in their store. They are also in surprisingly good health, capable of physically outperforming the Spelunkers in both athletics and toughness.

The Shopkeeper's Association covers the entire cave, and committing a crime against any single shopkeeper will make the Spelunker wanted to all Shopkeepers in that run. The Association will even go as far to have one hostile shopkeeper at every level exit when the player is wanted, or even setup outposts containing numerous shopkeepers to hunt down the worst offending fugitives.

The only way to get the Shopkeepers off of one's back is if they successfully avoid committing crimes for enough levels, causing the Association to forgive them.

The Shopkeeper's Association's largest known base of operations is known as The Black Market, and is found deep within The Jungle with the help of the Udjat Eye.


Shopkeepers in shops are initially passive, found manning the cashier and approaching visitors that pick up any of the items they distribute.

They are also sometimes seen inside enclosed Vaults, watching a sub area with two Chests filled with valuable gems. These Shopkeepers will always anger if the player gets inside the vault or destroys a part of it, regardless of whether the Spelunker is wanted or not, but aren't dangerous unless the vault is broken into.

Shopkeepers are persistent, and won't hesitate to attack anything that attacks them. Some examples of things that will prompt a shopkeeper to fire their shotgun include rolling Horned Lizards, slowly approaching Magmars, or when an item in their shop is destroyed.

If a Shopkeeper is eaten by a Mantrap, they will simply break out of it unharmed. Killing the Mantrap while the Shopkeeper is inside will not anger the Association, allowing the player to freely collect all of their items in the shop.


Angering + Forgiveness System

The Shopkeeper's Association can anger for various reasons:

  • Taking any unpaid item out of a Shop (This is considered stealing).
  • Attacking the Shopkeeper via any means, including traps that the Shopkeeper can blame the player for triggering.
  • Vandalizing the Shop by destroying blocks that are considered part of it, or causing a trap to do so.
  • Throwing/taking a die outside of a Dice House, or throwing a die the player already threw as part of the dice game (considered cheating).
  • Destroying any unpaid item. This also includes opening unpaid Presents.

If the Shopkeeper is angered, they will charge the player down with their Shotgun. Shopkeepers will attempt to throw any players that get too close, stunning them in the process and leaving them open to what is likely going to be another throw or Shotgun blast. Moving intelligently and unpredictably, the Shopkeeper is stronger than the player. Boasting a massive 10 HP, a roughly single second long stun window without the help of the Camera, Whip immunity, and the ability to jump three blocks high normally, they are not to be underestimated in the slightest.

When the Shopkeeper's Association is mad at the player, a wanted poster will be found of the player in all shops, and every Shopkeeper will attack them on sight on top of a hostile Shopkeeper waiting at every level exit.

However, the player can be forgiven for their actions, allowing them to enjoy the services of the Association and no longer have to worry about Shopkeepers at level exits. This can be achieved by not committing crimes for enough levels. When a player is forgiven by the Shopkeeper's Association, they will get the level feeling "You feel forgiven."


When a player commits a crime, they earn Sin. There are two types of crimes; Assault, and Murder, each adding to the Sin counter when committed.

  • Assault is any offense that player can commit that isn't killing the shopkeeper, such as attacking them, stealing items, or destroying parts of the Shop. Committing assault will cause the player to gain 2 sin, and can only be committed once per level.
  • Murder, as the name of the crime implies, is committed by killing a Shopkeeper. Committing Murder will add 4 sin to the counter, and unlike Assault, will continue accruing sin if committed multiple times in a single level.

Sin is reduced by 1 for every level clear, and sin will still reduce by 1 on the level that the player committed the crime on.

Murder can be committed without also accruing 2 extra sin for initially assaulting a shopkeeper by instantly killing them with a Freeze Ray, Metal Shield, or otherwise.

Killing a Mantrap with a not yet angry Shopkeeper inside will not add additional sin, while killing a Mantrap with an angry Shopkeeper inside will.

Killing Shopkeepers cloned by the Clone Gun adds sin.

Aggro Rules

Shopkeeper aggro rules are inconsistent, and the player can be held accountable for crimes depending on what happens to a shopkeeper. Below is a lists of things the Shopkeeper's Association holds the player accountable for:

  • The player themselves or a friendly Hired Hand attacking the Shopkeeper in any way.
  • Any traps the player triggered/armed themselves. This includes arrow traps that a player triggered with a tossed item or rope, as well as Bear Traps that the player tossed and rearmed.
  • Push Blocks, the Drill in Volcana, and Idol Log Traps.
  • Magmars that the player whipped (if the player did not whip a Magmar that later attacks a Shopkeeper, they will not anger at the player).
  • Taking damage and having your body hit a Shopkeeper.

Any method that is not listed here, such as a Shopkeeper being killed or hurt by Totem/Lion Traps, Spikes, Lava, Giant Clams, Giant Spiders, or other traps/entities, does not hold the player accountable for the harm inflicted on the Shopkeeper.

Shopkeepers do not aggro when frozen by the Freeze Ray unless they unfreeze or were angered beforehand. This allows players to freeze a Shopkeeper, steal all of their items, then exit the level without repercussion as long as they leave before the Shopkeeper unfreezes.

If Shopkeepers are angry, a player can steal as many items as they want from them without accruing additional sin, provided they do not hurt any shopkeepers or damage their shops in the process.

Sacrificing an angry Shopkeeper on an Altar does not count as murder, as the player technically does not kill the Shopkeeper themselves. This creates a way to dispose of Shopkeepers while keeping sin low.

Angry Shopkeepers will never spawn at the exit door in Olmec's Lair, Duat, Abzu, Tiamat's Throne, Hundun's Hideaway, or the Cosmic Ocean.


Shopkeeper Outpost S2.PNG

After murdering 5-8 Shopkeepers (or obtaining the sin equivalent), the Shopkeeper's Association will begin establishing outposts made of wood containing 2-4 shopkeepers.

These outposts will always spawn along the main path to the exit door, and may not only spawn in all standard levels, but may also appear levels like 1-4 and The City of Gold. Outposts will never spawn in levels that cannot contain an angry shopkeeper at the exit door, nor will they appear in the Ice Caves or the Cosmic Ocean.

Outposts tend to contain small niches in each of their corners, and Treasure and Pets may spawn in them. In particularly unfavorable situations, the Curse Pot may spawn in Outposts, which may lead to its accidental destruction by a Shotgun blast and the summoning of The Ghost.

Players that begin crime runs are almost guaranteed to run into one of these structures, and as such is part of the risk of angering the Shopkeeper's Association.

Examples of Sin/Forgiveness

There are numerous situations that a player can get into to cause the shopkeepers to become angry, and a variety of different outcomes can play out depending on what happens between the player and the Association.

Example 1: Petty Crime

A Player steals an item from a Shop and runs out the door. They are not blamed for any damage inflicted on the shopkeeper. In the next level, they are also not blamed for any damage inflicted on a shopkeeper.

Sin obtained: 2 sin (Assault)

Final Verdict: 2 Level Clears = 2 sin = Forgiven

Example 2: Petty Crime + Assault in next level

A Player steals an item from a Shop and runs out the door, without being blamed for harming the shopkeeper. In the next level, before leaving for the exit, they jump on the head of an angry shopkeeper, hurting them.

Sin obtained: 4 sin (Assault x2)

Final Verdict: 2 Level Clears ≠ 4 sin = Not Forgiven

Example 3: Assault + Petty Crime in same level

A player steals a Shotgun from a Shop, and shoots the Shopkeeper with it, hurting them. In the next level, they are not blamed for any damage inflicted on a shopkeeper.

As they only hurt a shopkeeper on the same level they stole, they only committed assault once and only gained 2 sin.

Sin obtained: 2 sin (Assault)

Final Verdict: 2 Level Clears = 2 sin = Forgiven

Example 4: Murder

A shopkeeper is instantly killed by a player using a Freeze Ray. They are not blamed for any damage inflicted on a shopkeeper for the next 3 levels.

Sin obtained: 4 sin (Murder)

Final Verdict: 4 Level Clears = 4 sin = Forgiven

Example 5: Mass Murder

A player murders 4 shopkeepers in The Black Market with a Shotgun. They continue on their rampage, killing 2 in the next level.

Sin obtained: 28 sin (Murder x6, Assault x2)

Final Verdict: Absolutely not forgiven, establish Outposts to hunt player

These are only a few examples of the many different situations that may play out in Spelunky 2 when a player is working towards forgiveness, and a wide variety of different scenarios are possible.

Aggro Behaviors

  • While the Association is angry, all Shopkeepers will initially begin patrolling the ground they stand on, turning around once meeting a ledge. If the player gets close enough to an angry Shopkeeper, only they will aggro and begin attacking. If the player hurts any Shopkeeper in a level, every single other Shopkeeper on the level will aggro, and not just the one they hurt.
    • If the player encounters a Hired Hand Shop while wanted, the Hired Hand inside will follow their Shopkeeper owner around. If the player gets close enough to trigger the Hired Hand, they will switch ownership to them and will begin attacking the Shopkeeper.

A player (top) abusing Shopkeeper ladder and trigger range mechanics to get them to shoot each other in The Black Market while remaining safe.

  • An angry Shopkeeper will only fire their Shotguns if the player gets within 4 tiles of them on the x coordinate and approximately 12 tiles on the y coordinate. They will repeatedly do so in the hopes of one blast hitting the player.
    • Because of this, a player has a very short window to run away from a Shopkeeper charging them down from offscreen before they fire.
    • Angry Shopkeepers fire their Shotguns with no regard for nearby NPCs, enemies, or any of their wares.
      • This can be abused by getting into the vertical range of a Shopkeeper, getting them to fire their shotguns at each other or other unwanted targets.
      • On the other hand, Shopkeepers may kill any Pets or Mounts inside one of their Pet Shops, or fire at flammable Back Items or Bomb Bags, destroying them and denying the player from securing them.
  • Angry Shopkeepers have the ability to climb ladders, rope, vines, chains, and other climbable objects, but will never climb them if a player is in their vertical range and within 3 tiles of the ladder, in order to lessen the risk of them climbing up the ladder and being stomped by the player above.
    • This can be abused by staying near the climbable object, preventing Shopkeepers from climbing it and putting the player in danger. Of course, an especially tall ladder or other object will likely still be climbed by shopkeepers regardless of player proximity, if the bottom of it is out of their vertical range of the player.
  • Shopkeepers will always try to get onto the same horizontal level as the player, climbing ladders or descending downwards to do this. If they are unsuccessful in attacking the player despite getting on the same level as them, they will try jumping around to move out of any positions they may be stuck in.
  • A Shopkeeper will only pick up and use three weapons; the Shotgun, the Freeze Ray, and Plasma Cannon. They will not attempt to pick up other weapons such as the Crossbow and the Metal Shield, and will handle all 3 weapons identically.


What is believed to be the Original Man, as seen in The Mothership. The Alien Queen, Lahamu, creates entire armies of Shopkeeper clones using him.

Although most would not question where the Shopkeepers originated from, they are no ordinary humans and have an explanation behind them all having an identical appearance and near superhuman strength.

Within the depths of the Ice Caves, a player can stumble upon The Mothership, where a massive cloning vat containing what is believed to be the Original Man is found inside.

As elaborated in the journal entry for the Proto Shopkeeper, the Original Man was stolen by Lahamu during "The First Wars" (likely a battle fought between the Olmites and Aliens), to be cloned into massive numbers.

Although the Shopkeepers are the successful product of Lahamu's work, the Proto Shopkeeper is a representation of her failure to clone the Original Man.

The spawners in the Mothership mostly produce Proto Shopkeepers and do not often produce actual Shopkeepers, implying that the cloning process has an extremely low success rate.

Although the Shopkeepers produced by The Mothership appear to be the same ones seen throughout the game, killing them does not add sin, nor does it count towards Criminalus; killing a newly produced Shopkeeper has no consequences on the player's run.


A side-by-side comparison between normal Shopkeepers and Shopkeeper Ear.

  • Much like in Spelunky HD, Shopkeepers have a random name, with one possible name for each letter of the Alphabet: Ali, Bob, Cosmo, Darwin, Ear, Earl, Frank, Garth, Hakim, Iggy, Ivan, Jimbo, Kinni, Lou, Micky, Nacho, Omar, Pancho, Quincy, Ron, Sparky, Tarn, Ulf, Vern, Wang, Willy, Xander, Yoshi, and Ziggy.
    • There is one shopkeeper name for every letter of the alphabet except for E and I, which have two names each.
      • The name "Kinni" is likely a reference to the Spelunky speedrunner Kinnijup.
      • On Spelunky 2's launch, Shopkeeper Earl's name was misspelled as "Ear." This was fixed in version 1.19.8c, but by popular request the name was added back to the game in version 1.20.4a, existing alongside Earl. All shopkeepers named Ear are given noticeably larger ears compared to other Shopkeepers.