Shops are randomly-generated features that can be found in the caves in almost any level. They are small alcoves dug into the rock, typically manned by a Shopkeeper, selling various items or services.

There are 4 types of shops: Standard Shops, Tun Shops, Caveman Shops, the Yang Shop, and Ghist Shops.

Shopkeeper Shops

The majority of shops that the player will encounter are manned by members of the Shopkeeper Association. There are 6 types of shops: General Stores, Clothing Stores, Pet Stores, Gun Stores, Hired Hand Shops, Specialty Shops, and Dice Houses. For more information on Shopkeeper mechanics, including stealing, visit their article.

Occasionally, there will be either an attic or a basement in the shop, which can be opened using either a Skeleton Key or a silver key that the shopkeeper drops when hit. Entering the basement/attic and collecting any possible spawning Treasure/Hired Hands will not anger the Shopkeeper.


Buying out an entire shop (Excluding Hired Hand Shops and Dice Houses) will mark the player as a "Big Spender" and award a 5% discount.

Wearing the Crown will give the player a 50% discount, as the Shopkeepers will treat you as royalty.

Entering a shop with The True Crown will incur a -100% discount, doubling the prices of every item in the shop.

General Stores


General Stores contain basic resources which although common, can be valuable assets to the player:

Clothing Shops


Clothing shops contain various equipment for the player that can be "worn", as well as rope piles:

Pet Shops


Pet shops contain different varieties of animals, as well as rope piles. The player has the opportunity to purchase pre-tamed mounts, even outside of their naturally spawning habitats:

A special variant of Pet shops can be found in The Black Market, which will always contain a Pet and three Rope Piles, as Mounts cannot be taken in or out of the Black Market.

Weapon Shops


Weapon shops will sell the player a variety of weapons that the player can use to fight enemies with:

Hired Hand Shops


Hired Hand shops will always sell the player a single Hired Hand and one item that may appear in a Clothing Store:

Specialty Shops


Specialty shops will sell the player a wide variety of items, most notably "pack" type items:

Dice Houses


Dice Houses loosely fit the definition of Shops, as the player can instead gamble for money and prizes. In every Dice House is two dice. When the player pays to play the dice game, they may roll both die for a result.

  • Rolling a 6 or below will be a loss and nothing will be earned.
  • Rolling an 8 or higher will be a win and the player will earn back double of what they paid to play the game.
  • Rolling a 7 will net the player a prize, which can be any item that a Specialty Shop sells, excluding Mystery Boxes.

Rolling the same die twice while playing the dice game or taking a die outside of the Dice House will cause the Shopkeeper to anger.

Whipping a die while it is midair will always cause it to roll either a 6 or a 1, with a 50/50 chance. This can be a much more reliable method to roll 7s compared to playing the game normally.

Hedjet Stall


In the Black Market, there is always a Shopkeeper in the very right side of the first floor of shops. He sells only one item, which is always the Hedjet for $40,000, or $38,000 if the player has the "Big Spender" title.

Tun Shop


Tun can also be found running her own shop, lying within secret sub areas. Instead of the typical four items, Tun will sell three items of varying function.

In this shop, Tun will sell anything that a Shopkeeper's Specialty Shop would, with the addition of the incredibly valuable Royal Jelly and Plasma Cannon.

Tun always sells her wares at a 5% discount compared to the prices that a Shopkeeper upholds. If the Shopkeepers are angry at the player, Tun will instead offer a 50% discount.

As with every other Tun encounter, meeting her while wearing The True Crown will cause her to instantly aggro, as she will recognize the player as a follower of her brother Beg and a servant of Hundun.

Caveman Shopkeeper


The Caveman Shop, much like the Tun Shop, is only found hidden within sub areas. It is quite the peculiar shop, as it is run by a passive Caveman, an aspiring entrepreneur who seeks to collect more shiny things to show off to his friends.

Within his Shop, the Caveman Shopkeeper will typically sell items easily accessible to a regular Caveman, but will occasionally having something valuable of the player to sell:

Because the Caveman Shopkeeper does not have a proper grasp of the value of Treasure compared to the price of his wares, he sells his items at a massive discount. If a player is insanely lucky, he may even sell a Plasma Cannon at only $4000, and not over $40,000.

Angering the Caveman Shopkeeper will unsurprisingly cause him to simply run at the player, like every other caveman. Despite this, there isn't much of a reason to rob him due to his excessively low prices.

Yang Shop


If the player gave Yang two Cave Turkeys by putting them in his pen, he will open a shop where he sells the three turkeys he has and a Rope Pile.

Buying every item from Yang's Pet Shop will increase the spawn rate of Cave Turkeys in normal levels.

Ghist Shopkeeper

The Ghist Shopkeeper resides in the 3rd row grid in Dwelling 1-4, or within the depths of the Eggplant World, 7-2. The entrance to the Ghist Shop is only accessible if the current player is under the effects of the Cursed debuff.

Once inside, you are greeted by a Ghist floating above their Caveman corpse.

The store contains Mystery Boxes holding 3 high-tier loot items inside each costing a staggering $20,000 each. These can be pack items, any gun, or even a Corpse Bag containing 12 bombs and 12 rope.

In the Dwelling, the boxes can contain the Kapala while in the Eggplant World, the boxes can contain a Clone Gun.

Though it is possible to gather enough money to purchase one, it is more advised to rob due to the amount of effort required to enter the shop, and relative ease of robbing the Ghist Shopkeeper.

The Ghist Shopkeeper can be angered by opening the presents without purchasing them. Once provoked, it behaves similar to the Ghost by going after the player through walls and following them through sub-area doors in order to make contact with them, which would kill the player instantly.


  • Instead of digging through in hopes of finding the Ghost Door, the player can take advantage of Quillback's attacks by helping layer down the 3rd row beneath its arena. You can also help Quillback dig faster is to bomb the layer below for Quillback to enter and dig into when provoked
  • Just like when in robbing a shopkeeper, the player must make sure to have a quick escape route to Volcana or Jungle when robbing. One can place all the presents in the corner and quickly whip all of them to grab the loot and make a quick escape.
  • There are currently three methods for killing the Ghist Shopkeeper:
    • Attacking the Ghist Shopkeeper with a Camera. Once used, the Ghist disappears and drops gold coins.
    • Using a Teleporter or a Telepack to tele-frag the caveman's body resulting in the Ghist Shopkeeper disappearing.
    • Using the Freeze Ray to destroy the caveman's body resulting in the Ghist Shopkeeper disappearing.
  • Much like every other NPC besides Shopkeepers and Tun, the player is not held responsible for angering the Ghist Shopkeeper.
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