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Scorpions are enemies that appear in the Mines and the Temple. They are sometimes found hidden in pots, much like their fellow arachnids, the Spiders.


Scorpions will hop towards you if approached from the sides, but won't be able to see you if you are at a different height to them. Despite their low health, they are incredibly dangerous due to their rapid attack speed, so facing them head-on is unwise if you lack a ranged weapon such as the shotgun. In the case that you are unarmed, jumping onto them is a safe bet, as the scorpion's sting cannot harm you unless you are in front of it. This should be followed by either throwing the body away from yourself or waiting until the scorpion wakes up to perform a second jump, which will kill it. Alternatively, if you have the machete or Crysknife, you can kill the scorpion in one hit by swinging your weapon while falling onto a tile next to it, a move which leaves the scorpion with no room to attack.

While scorpions normally attack you only if you're in front of them within some distance, if you get too close behind them, they will jump and attack forward, even though the Spelunker is behind them. Additionally they might be able to see the spelunker through walls at a specific distance, and will keep attacking forward even if the Spelunker cannot be reached.

Scorpions can be stunned, but when killed, they leave no corpse. They can also be sacrificed to Kali while unconscious, and will give 4 favor points, though this is a risky maneuver, given that a freshly awakened scorpion is likely to be within attack range and thus dangerous.

Scorpions very rarely generate alone in a level, so if a scorpion appears in a level, it's very likely more scorpions will be in the same level.


  • Sometimes when a scorpion jumps they might clip into a wall and die.
  • Sometimes if a scorpion is thrown before its stun time ends, they will wake up and remain floating in the air.
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