Scorpions are enemies that are rarely found hidden in Pots.[other areas need research]


Scorpions walk slowly when they are not aggravated, but upon spotting a Spelunker they begin jumping toward them quickly and erratically. Upon touching a Spelunker they will inflict them with poison, which will damage them for one HP every 30 seconds until the Spelunker either dies or is cured by being licked by a Pet.

Scorpions can take two hits worth of damage, and after being hit once are stunned for a short time. They can not be damaged by jumping or melee attacks until they awake again. Scorpions leave behind no corpse once killed, but live ones can be sacrificed to Kali.[favor points unknown]


Thankfully, Scorpions seem to be almost exclusively found in pots. Should a pot you break contain a Scorpion, the best course of action is likely to ignore it and leave, unless you can kill it quickly with a ranged weapon. If this is impossible, or you need to go past it, be very careful, as getting hit by a Scorpion even once can easily end your run.

Despite their low health, they are incredibly dangerous due to their rapid attack speed and hard-to-cure poison, so facing them head-on is unwise if you lack a ranged weapon such as the Shotgun. In the case that you are unarmed, jumping onto them is a safe bet, as the Scorpion's sting will not harm you when it is jumped on.

Once stunned Scorpions can be ran past, or you can wait for them to awake to finish them off with a second attack. Stunned Scorpions can also be thrown into traps or sacrificed if you do not wish to try your luck with a second attack.

Should you become poisoned, attempt to locate a Pet as quickly as possible to remove it. Poison persists between levels, and the only known way to remove it is by being licked by a Pet.[research still needed, perhaps royal jelly or sacrifices?]

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