The Scepter is an extremely powerful ranged weapon plundered from Anubis in level 4-1 of Temple of Anubis.


Using the Scepter will knock the player back approximately 1 tile and knock them off of climbable surfaces if possible, much like the Shotgun.

With each use, it releases an erratic psychic ray that may pass through walls and home in on targets, damaging anything it touches. Psychic rays will home in on both living enemies and corpses, dealing a massive 10 damage with each hit.

After killing an enemy that leaves no corpse such as a Mummy, the ray will choose a new target to home in on, based on current proximity. If there are no enemies to target, the psychic ray will go in a straight direction. These rays dissipate after around 8 seconds.

Much like when used by Anubis, the Scepter's rays are capable of knocking around items it passes through or destroying them if applicable.

The Scepter must be used with caution. While the rays will never seek out Spelunkers, Hired Hands, or Mounts, they will deal its 10 HP of damage if it passes through one of them on their way towards the nearest target, and will target passive NPCs like Pets or Shopkeepers without hesitation. Corpses will be targeted by the Scepter, regardless of whether or not they were a player, Hired Hand, or Mount.

If the player has either the Hedjet or the Crown in their possession, they may place the Scepter inside of the Golden Door in 4-2, opening the way into The City of Gold and destroying the Scepter in the process. Attempting this without either piece of royal headwear will instead give the player the message "The scepter fits, but nothing is happening!"


  • The Scepter is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game. If a player does not intend to go to The City of Gold, they may find great use for it in later levels, particularly in Neo Babylon. In the battle against Tiamat, the Scepter will trivialize the fight and defeat her in a matter of seconds. This makes the Scepter a reasonable weapon choice in low score runs, speedruns, and other types of runs ending in 6-4.
  • Of course, the player should always be conscious of nearby allies or risk accidently killing them, which may ruin many opportunities originally offered to the player.
    • As the Scepter may target Shopkeepers and kill them instantly, using the Scepter as a weapon frequently throughout the regular stages may result in the player accidentally accruing lots of sin, making it much more difficult to be forgiven. It may be helpful to avoid using the Scepter frequently in stages where the player knows a Shopkeeper is present, including those found guarding Vaults.
  • Scepter users should be make note of any corpses that the weapon may target, as either after killing an enemy that leaves a corpse or finding a corpse to attack, it will violently fling the corpse around, potentially into the user's direction and putting them at risk of being hit by the projectile.
    • Most of the Scepter's work of killing enemies can be done by simply staying put near the level entrance and firing the Scepter while being cautious about its recoil. When the player drops down to a point where corpses litter the ground, picking up all the corpses and throwing them further below will help the Scepter target the remaining enemies, as well as ensure that the player doesn't get hit by the Scepter's rays themselves.


  • The Scepter resembles the Was-scepter, a symbol of power and dominion in ancient Egypt. It was commonly seen depicted in the hands of gods, pharaohs, and priests.[source]


The Scepter is a powerful ranged weapon acquired by defeating Anubis on level 4-1 of the Temple.


With each use, it releases a psychic blast that homes in on targets even through walls, damaging anything it touches. Psychic blasts will home in on both living enemies and corpses. After killing an enemy that leaves no corpse, such as a Mummy, the ray will choose a new target to home in on, based on current proximity. If there are no enemies to target, the psychic blast will go in a straight direction and won't modify it's velocity.

Blasts dissipate after a while (around 8 seconds). If the Spelunker is moving, or running, the psychic blast will be fired with a higher speed than if the Spelunker is not moving.

The Scepter must be used with caution. While the rays will never seek out the Spelunker, they will deal 10 HP in damage if they pass through them on their way towards the nearest target. It is especially dangerous to use the Scepter if a Crocman may potentially be hit, as they will teleport around, evading the ray and luring it in unpredictable directions.


The Scepter is the last of four special ancient Egyptian artifacts required to gain entry to The City of Gold.

The Scepter cannot be destroyed by Lava. If it falls in lava, it can be retrieved by destroying the lava pit with a bomb or Mattock.


The Scepter is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game, perhaps besides the shotgun.
It is found on level 13 in the Temple, and dropped by the Mummy, which is considered to be the most dangerous enemy in the game.


The most advanced weaponry Ancient Egypt has to offer.

The Scepter is a held item that functions as a ranged weapon. It fires pink rings of ancient Egyptian laser beams, which will automatically home in on and kill the nearest enemy. It fires very fast and the rays pass through walls and floors, allowing for perhaps five rings on screen at once (though this is generally excessive: It's more useful for firing at something the previous blast ignored).

It has five major drawbacks, though:

  1. The balls of energy will not ignore dead bodies—a major downside, since almost every enemy in Area 4 leaves a corpse.
  2. The balls of energy do not differentiate between friend and foe, and can also target Damsels and peaceful Shopkeepers (you might not want to fight angry shopkeepers without a good weapon after opening the door to the City of Gold). 
  3. It can only be obtained by killing a Mummy on level 13, which is possibly the most dangerous enemy in the game, besides Olmec.
  4. The Scepter pushes the corpses of its victims upwards, which may make them much more difficult to reach if you want to sacrifice them.
  5. You don't get to use the Scepter for long—you'll only get to use it for a maximum of three levels before you reach the Final Area, and Olmec is immune to the Scepter's effects, although it does an excellent job of dispatching the lesser enemies that the final boss spawns.

The Scepter (along with the Hedjet) is a required item to access the City of Gold, but the Scepter must be forfeited to open the Golden Door. As a result, you will not get to use it in the City of Gold or later levels.


Spelunky's scepter resembles the Was Scepter, an Egyptian symbol of power often pictured in the hands of gods.

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