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Scarabs are flying insects made of gold. They are unique amongst most other creatures in Spelunky 2 in that they are completely harmless, and collected as treasure when touched. Like all other forms of treasure, Scarabs increase in value in later areas, starting at $1000 and increasing by $250 for every area completed.


Golden Scarabs are only found within sub areas, dark levels, and the City of Gold.

Scarabs freely hover around one area by flapping their wings, occasionally darting into a random direction where they continue to hover. They will attempt to flee from the player if they get near by moving into the opposite direction of them, and produce a bright but narrow radius of light in dark levels and background layers, making them easy to find in the darkness.

Scarabs only have 1 HP, and do not drop blood when killed. Taking a picture of a Scarab with a Camera will collect it for the player instead of killing it.


  • Scarabs are valued at the equivalent of two gold bars, making them a valuable creature worth collecting for money.
  • Players should try to collect Scarabs before they react to their presence and fly into a position where they may not be collected.
  • The sub-area found within Olmec's Lair tends to contain massive quantities of Scarabs, and can potentially net the player tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold if they are all collected.
  • In no-gold runs, Scarabs should either be avoided or killed with the whip or a ranged option. As they do not drop blood and thus are not useful for filling the Kapala, killing them is only optimal in these types of runs.
  • Collecting a Scarab or otherwise taking a picture of it with the Camera counts as a kill, invalidating a player's pacifist run.
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