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See also: Constellations

When the player's run ends in Spelunky 2, their path of chaos and destruction is briefly recounted in a Run Recap.

In co-op, attributes in the Journal are shared among all players.


As the Spelunker travels through the caves, a map of the cave is slowly assembled on the left page, which can be viewed mid-run by opening the Journal. The items they obtain and the people and enemies they encounter are included, represented with pixelated stickers. The map diverges into Jungle/Volcana and Tide Pool/Temple of Anubis whenever needed.

Elapsed time and total score is also recorded at the bottom of the page.

Picking up the following items will add them the the map, in the location they were first obtained from:

Interacting with the following NPCs (by helping/angering them or otherwise) will add them to to the map, where the interaction occurred:

Encountering the following enemies will add them to the map, where the encounter occurred:

  • For every 4 damage that the Spelunker takes, a drop of blood splatters onto the map. This does not include the final hit from dying with 1 HP.
  • For every 4 Pets the Spelunker rescues, a paw print of either a dog, cat, or hamster will appear over the map, depending on what pet is enabled. Having all three pets enabled chooses a paw print at random.


A message from the Spelunker is written on the right page, describing what happened in the run. This message is opened with "Dear Journal," and broken down into multiple phrases, which can be added or removed depending on certain criteria:

Message Contents
Phrase Condition for appearing
I led a team of [# of players] into the depths. Playing in multiplayer.
I was a Pacifist. Avoided responsibility for killing any creatures.
I was a vegan.
I was a vegetarian.
Abstaining from eating Cooked Turkey makes one a vegetarian, while also avoiding Royal Jelly or the Elixir makes one a vegan.
I was law abiding.
I was a petty criminal.
I was a wanted criminal.
I was a crime lord.
The extent that the player angered Shopkeepers.
Not angering them is law abiding, a petty criminal angered Shopkeepers but didn't kill more than three, a wanted criminal killed more than three Shopkeepers, and a crime lord killed more than 5 shopkeepers.
I was a king/queen.
I was a fool.
I was an eggplant.
Picking up the Crown, The True Crown or the Eggplant Crown adds each respective message.
In the case of the crown, the journal will describe them as a king or queen based on the Spelunker's gender (LISE Project is considered female).
I didn't care for money. The Spelunker did not collect any treasure during the run. The "Low Scorer" Achievement is also unlocked in the process.
I liked dogs/cats/hamsters/pets.
I loved dogs/cats/hamsters/pets.
Four or more of the selected pet must be saved in order for the Spelunker to "like" pets, while eight or more must be saved for the Spelunker to "love" pets.
I took my first damage in level [X-X]. ([Damage Source, if applicable]) The Spelunker took damage.
I survived death once. The Ankh was used at one point during the run.
I slayed Kingu, the Queen's Consort.
I slayed Osiris, the Underworld King.
The Spelunker defeated either Kingu in Abzu or Osiris in Duat.
I eventually died in level [X-X]. ([Damage Source, if applicable]) The Spelunker did not complete the run, instead failing horribly.
Despite all odds, I defeated Tiamat and escaped to the surface.
Amazingly Enough, I defeated Hundun and escaped to the surface.
My skill, knowledge, and bravery allowed me to become one with the Cosmos.
The player beat the game by defeating Tiamat/Hundun or by reaching 7-99 in the Cosmic Ocean and creating a Constellation.

The message always ends with a valediction, or farewell, from the Spelunker:

Valediction Character
Until Next Time! Ana Spelunky
See Ya! Margaret Tunnel
I Have So Many Questions... Colin Northward
Cool... Roffy D. Sloth
Stay Positive! Alto Singh
Hmmm... Liz Mutton
Until My Strength Gives Out, Nekka the Eagle
Downloading Data... LISE Project
Ciao! Coco Von Diamonds
I Miss My Shovel! Manfred Tunnel
Can't Wait to Try Again! Little Jay
Until Next Time! Tina Flan
Hugs, Valerie Crump
Forever Learning, Au
Thanks For Listening! Demi Von Diamonds
Signing Off, Pilot
Cordially, Princess Airyn
Best Regards, Dirk Yamaoka
That's All For Now, Guy Spelunky
... Classic Guy