Royal Jelly is a miscellaneous item in Spelunky 2. It is one of the few ways to heal during a level, along Cooked Turkeys and Eggplant Flesh.


Royal Jelly will heal the player for a massive 6 HP.

Royal Jelly can be found in a few ways:

Royal Jelly is also technically found inside of the Elixir, mixed into it to reduce its bitter taste.

Note that consuming Royal Jelly will replace the line from run recaps in the Journal that normally reads "I was a vegan." to "I was a vegetarian."


Royal Jelly is a miscellaneous item that instantly adds 4 HP to the Spelunker's health when collected.

It can only be found by killing a Queen Bee, which can be found inside bee hives in the Jungle.


  • If multiple players grab the Royal Jelly at the same time, all of them will get 4 health.

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