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Ropes are single-use equipment items that can be climbed like ladders. They may be used to reach areas that are too high to jump up to, or to descend safely down a deep pit that would otherwise cause fall damage.

Spelunkers start each game with four ropes, and additional ropes can be bought from general stores in packs of three. They can also commonly be found in Crates with a 34.06% chance of dropping, or dropped by the Yeti King and Queen.

A rope cannot be retrieved once placed, meaning that they may only be used once.


Ropes may be deployed up to six tiles downward while crouching, or up to six tiles upward when thrown directly above the spelunker carrying the rope.

Ropes are context-sensitive and where they are thrown depends on the Spelunker's position.
When used while standing or in the air, a rope will be thrown vertically, directly above the Spelunker. The rope will hook onto a background wall a maximum of six tiles above the Spelunker and then unfurl down to the point where it was thrown from.

Ropes cannot hook onto a tile if there is not a wall in the background, meaning that they are less effective when traveling in the Duat or when getting past the Forcefield grid above Tiamat's Throne. Note that this rule does not apply in the Cosmic Ocean, as rope may hook onto open space without issue.

If used when crouching, the rope will hook onto the background wall one tile in front of the Spelunker and drop downwards for a maximum of six tiles. This is useful when crouched in front of a ledge, and can be used to descend safely.

If a rope is hit by a fire-based object such as a Magmar or an instance of lava, it will slowly burn from the bottom up, leaving only the hook of the rope climbable.

A good trick to make a rope extend slightly higher is to throw one while jumping, which will allow you to jump onto the bottom of the rope and climb a little higher than if you had thrown it from the ground.

Ropes become less useful when the Spelunker finds Climbing Gloves, Spring Shoes, a Cape, or the Jetpack, but it is always a good idea to carry at least a few around for dangerous situations, triggering Arrow Traps, or reaching places that are barely feasible to reach.

Attacking with Rope

When a rope is thrown upward, it will damage anything it hits before it hooks onto the cave wall, so it can be used to attack enemies like Bats and Spiders that are directly above the Spelunker. This form of attack is colloquially known as "roping".

Although this is an unwise waste of resources in most situations, it is often the Spelunker's only means of attacking enemies directly above them.

As ropes are generally less valuable than HP, using a rope in this way may therefore be your only option if you get trapped in a narrow pit with an enemy above you.

Due to the fact that ropes will fall back down if there is no background wall, they can be used to great effect as an offensive weapon in certain situations, namely against Anubis II and Osiris, but they can be used against any boss if one so chooses.

When attacked by Monkey or Leprechaun, roping them will deal 1 damage to it and disconnect them from the victim's back, making it a last resort situation to avoid any potential accidents that either may cause.

Roping is also a common strategy utilized by petty thieves, as it is a reliable method of stunning Shopkeepers. Roping the person running the Shop allows them to quickly take every item in the shop and run out the door before the Shopkeeper can retaliate.

Custom Ropes

All Spelunkers have a special custom Rope. All ropes function identically, and some have their own unique sound.

All custom ropes, in order of each character's number in the Journal.

Custom Rope Sounds

Default: Rope hooks onto wall.

Colin Northward: Rope suction cup attaches to wall.

Nekka the Eagle: The vine-like Rope makes an organic attaching noise.

LISE Project: The electrical plug at the end of the Rope makes a soft attaching noise as it inserts into the background.

Manfred Tunnel: Sound of Rope "Digging" into wall.

Tina Flan: The carabiner clip at the end of the Rope "clanks" onto the background with a loud metal sound.

Valerie Crump: The chewed gum at the end of the Rope sticks to the wall.

Au: Deploying plays a loud, tube like unfurling noise.

Pilot: The arm-like Rope makes a rubbery flailing sound as it is thrown upward.

Classic Guy: The Rope makes the same sound effects as it did in Spelunky Classic.

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