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Robots are common enemies found in Volcana.


Robots wander aimlessly, making a soft whirring sound and turning around if meeting a ledge.

If a Spelunker enters a robot's line of sight, they charge at the player, whirring loudly.

If a Robot is stomped on or they are hit by a Falling Platform, it becomes visibly damaged and uncontrollably charges forward, driving off ledges. After roughly 3 seconds, it will begin to whir even louder, flash red, and explodes.

Robots are immune to whip damage and reflect all projectiles (such as Shotgun pellets) fired at it from the front or back. Its reflective properties are identical to that of the Metal Shield's or Olmites wearing gold masks. They are not immune to stomp damage.

Robots explode immediately if they are crushed or are entirely submerged in Lava.

The flash of a Camera begins the self destruct sequence of robots.

Robots have a 1/75 chance of dropping a Metal Shield.

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