Robots are common enemies found in Volcana.


Robots will wander aimlessly, making a soft whirring sound until disturbed. In this state they will not fall off ledges.

If a player enters a robot's line of sight, they will perform a medium speed charge, whirring loudly. If a player stomps on a robot, it will be visibly damaged and will charge in a straight line off edges. After some time it will whir even louder, flash red, and explode like a bomb.

Robots can explode immediately if they are crushed, are caught in an explosion or otherwise fall into lava. Note that robots will not explode when exposed to lava unless completely submerged within it, meaning that dripping lava and shallow pools will not detonate it.

Robots are immune to being whip damage and reflect all projectiles fired at it from the front or back. This means that shooting at it with a Shotgun will simply send all of the pellets back at the user. Its reflective properties are similar to gold-faced Olmites.

A Camera will trigger robots as if they had been stomped on, making it a useful tool against hard to step on robots.

The aftermath of an explosion from a robot, and a shield that it dropped after death.

Robots have an extremely rare chance of dropping a Metal Shield.


Robots can be either a helpful or extremely dangerous enemy, depending on their spawn location. They could open new areas for the player or cook Cave Turkeys with their explosion, but they could also open the way for a pool of lava to rush into new areas, potentially softlocking the player or killing them outright.

  • Occasionally, robots may find themselves stuck in a 1 block gap right beside an altar. If they explode, Kali will blame the altar's destruction on the player and anger.
  • Hired Hands will activate robots whenever possible, meaning that they may set them off towards an undesirable outcome. Because of this, it is generally not recommended to keep a Hired Hand near robots in Volcana.
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