WholeLevel RestlessDead

The Crystal Skull can be seen in the lower right

The Restless Dead level is a level feeling that occurs in the Jungle portion of the game.

The level has two unique enemies, The Vampire and the Jiang Shi.

This is also the only level that has the Crystal Skull, Upon being picked up it will summon The Ghost.

Be on the lookout for a grave labeled "Ash," which is a reference to the character Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series. Buried under this grave will reveal a shotgun as a reward. There's a ~18.3348% chance[1][2] that an "Ash" grave will be generated in a Restless Dead level, making it possible (but difficult) to use the level feeling as a way to level-scum from the Shortcut House.

There are also a few superficial differences: any piranhas are replaced with skeletal versions that behave identically, and all trees are now haunted and damp.

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