Quillback is an enemy/mini boss added in Spelunky 2. He is the leader of the Cavemen, and according to the Journal, he built the Totem Traps to train his followers. He is always found in level 1-4, in his own special arena.


Quillback attacks in the player's direction by jumping if the player is 3-4 tiles away from him, and does a jump roll when the player is 5-10 tiles away from him, which is capable of destroying blocks. If hit by Quillback during the roll attack you will instantly die regardless of health.

He is immune to conventional whips and jumping, unless the player Spike Shoes or a flaming whip from a Power Pack. Weapons such as Machetes, Shotgun, and the Freeze Ray work. Thrown objects like rocks, arrows, skulls and torches are also effective at dealing damage.

Quillback will start automatically rolling in the player's direction when he suffers damage. Quillback will always drop a Roasted Turkey and a Bomb Bag when killed.


Since he is weak to thrown objects, if the player is able to save a torch, there are several fire sources in his arena that can be used to light the torch, and the torch can then be used as a volley back and forth to deal damage, using the ladders to avoid his roll. However, it should be noted that the torch can also set the bomb bag he drops on fire.

Note: can be skipped, and is not required to be beat to progress.

If baited to open one side of the walls and having him roll towards you in the opposing direction, whilst using a vertical mobility option of some sort to get above him as he passes, he will destroy the walls, and the player can reach the exit while avoiding Quillback entirely.

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