Quillback is an enemy/mini boss added in Spelunky 2. He is the leader of the Cavemen, and according to the Journal, is responsible for the many Totem Traps and Log Traps seen around the Dwelling. He is always found in level 1-4, in his own special arena.

A player battling Quillback.


Quillback attacks in the player's direction by jumping if the player is 3-4 tiles away from him, and does a jump roll when the player is 5-10 tiles away from him, which is capable of destroying blocks. Anything hit by Quillback during the roll attack will instantly die regardless of health.

He is immune to conventional whips and jumping, unless the player has Spike Shoes or a flaming whip from a Power Pack.

Quillback will start automatically rolling in the player's direction when he suffers damage. Quillback will always drop a Cooked Turkey and a Bomb Bag when killed.


  • Quillback can be skipped, and does not need to be beaten. One can bait his roll towards the desired side that the player wishes to go through, use one of the many ladders or other equipment like Spring Shoes to avoid his attack, and watch as he opens the way forward.
  • Placing a bomb directly next to Quillback after his roll has completed, timing a bomb to explode once thrown at him, or throwing a single Paste bomb at him is an effective way to defeat him.
  • Since Quillback is weak to thrown objects, one can repeatedly pelt small items such as rocks and skulls at him until they have successfully watered down all of his HP.
    • If the player was able to save a torch, there are several fire sources in his arena that can be used to light the torch. Repeatedly throwing the lit torch will kill Quillback in 5 throws.
  • Any weapon such as a Shotgun, Freeze Ray, Crossbow or even Spike Shoes can easily dispatch of Quillback.
    • Note that if the player uses a Shotgun, firing again after his death will ignite the Bomb Bag he drops, exploding it.
  • Using either the whip from the Powerpack or the Machete is not recommended, as it will likely provoke Quillback into rolling directly into the player, killing them instantly without a chance to react.
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