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The Queen Bee is a mini-boss type enemy found only within the sub-area of a Bee Hive.


Queen Bees are easily distinguishable from their subjects due to their large size and small crown on their head.

With 10 HP, stomp immunity without Spike Shoes, erratic movement, and the capability of dealing 2 damage per hit, she is a formidable foe.

Upon killing her, she will drop a Royal Jelly, which will heal the player for 6 HP.


Due to the nature of her spawn location, there are many different ways to easily kill her:

  • Abusing the invincibility frames that the sub-area door gives the player to attack her.
  • Throwing a single Paste Bomb at her.
  • Using the entrance from another sub-area to safely retreat and attack her with a ranged weapon.
  • Taking advantage of her huge size and getting into a position that she is too large to reach.


The Queen Bee is a mini-boss enemy that can sometimes be found in levels of the Jungle, inside colossal beehives. She resembles her Killer Bee brethren, but is larger, and has red eyes instead of the Killer Bees' usual blue.

She is tough and dangerous, with 10 HP, the ability to fly erratically and a powerful stinger that does 2 points of damage. Furthermore, she is always accompanied by a swarm of regular Killer Bees that will protect her with their lives. She is immune to stomp attacks unless the Spelunker is wearing Spike Shoes.

However, should you manage to kill her, she will drop precious Royal Jelly which instantly grants 4 HP when collected.

In addition, beehives are usually filled with treasure, supply crates and occasionally Damsels, making it worth your while to explore them.


The Queen Bee's weakness.

There are a number of ways to slay her safely, such as:

  • Retreating to a safe distance with a ranged weapon.
  • Luring her into Tiki Traps or a worm's tongue.
  • A well placed Sticky Bomb.
  • Combo-ing spike boot stomps (make sure you have generous space above you).
Due to her size, the Queen Bee can't move through spaces a single tile wide. If you can find an alcove or tunnel that is only one tile tall and lead the Queen Bee towards it, you will be able to stand near the edge and whip her to death without fear of being hit.

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