The Qilin (pronounced "Chee-Lynn") is a unique Mount in Spelunky 2 that can be used to get to the Sunken City. It is acquired by taking the correct Ushabti described on the Tablet of Destiny to Neo Babylon 6-3, which will prompt it to "hatch" into the Qilin.


Qilin can fly infinitely and can shoot fireballs, shooting even faster than a Rock Dog, the only other Mount that can spit fireballs.

The Qilin is the safest and most efficient way to easily fly past the many spark traps and forcefields above Tiamat's Throne. After passing the gauntlet of electric traps, the player can travel to the Sunken City, leaving the Qilin behind.

However, doing this means that the player will have to successfully escort the Qilin through 6-3 of Neo Babylon, which can be much easier said than done, as the many traps and enemies can very easily cause its demise.

Using the Qilin to ascend above Tiamat's Throne and reach the Sunken City. Shown here is the safest and most efficient way to use the Qilin to ascend past the lasers.

Despite this, there are still multiple other methods to get past the lasers, all of which are significantly harder. These are known as "Qilin Skips" and elaborated upon on the Skips wiki page.

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