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If the player destroys two or more altars in one run, Kali will punish them by shackling a debilitating Punish Ball to their leg, remaining until destroyed.

The Punish Ball is given to the player on their second and all subsequent altar destructions, regardless of their standing with Kali.


The Punish Ball will slow the player's movement speed when held, but will allow the player to move normally to a limited degree if it is left on the ground.

Attempting to fly using a Jetpack or Vlad's Cape with a Punish Ball shackled to the player will only allow them to fly at the maximum length of the chain before becoming no longer able to ascend without picking it up. The Punish Ball does not affect vertical movement speed when held.

If not held, the Punish Ball will prevent players from mantling up ledges, even with Climbing Gloves equipped. This is particularly dangerous in the Ice Caves, where players falling into The Abyss are unlikely to return back to the main level without the help of a Back Item or the entrance to The Mothership.

The Ball may be used as a weapon to throw at enemies, although with little range, as it is tethered to the player.

It's possible for the Punish Ball to trap the victim in such a way that they cannot escape. It is recommended to be careful not to let the Ball get into places it can't be unhooked from while traversing unusual terrain.

Destroying the Punish Ball can be achieved by either:

  1. Crushing it. This is most easily done with one of the Elevators in Neo Babylon or a Regenerating Block in the Sunken City.
  2. Throwing the ball into Lava.
  3. Dropping the ball into The Abyss. While this feature was present in Spelunky HD, it is substantially harder and riskier to remove the Punish Ball via this method.

The third and all subsequent Punish Balls given to the player will also have the effect of making every single level that can be dark to be dark, including boss levels, as well as instantly summon The Ghost when the player enters the level. Destroying the Punish Ball will remove this effect.

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