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Presents, also known as Mystery Boxes, are a somewhat rare object purchased from Shops or dropped from Great Humphead. They have a similar function to Crates.


Opening a present by attacking it or picking it up and holding up + the use key drops an item from the following pool. Most notably, Presents may contain Royal Jelly and disarmed Bear Traps.

Every single item in the Present pool has the exact same chance of dropping, being 4%. The only exception to this rule is the Plasma Cannon, which has a 0.1% chance of dropping (as opposed to a Crate's 0.01%).

Offering a Present to a Kali Altar will produce an Eggplant. This will not occur if Kali is mad at the player for destroying one of her Altars.

Cloned Presents will have a different item inside compared to the original Present that was cloned.

Ghist Shopkeeper

The Ghist Shopkeepers seen in 1-4 of the Dwelling and in the Eggplant World also sell presents, although they contain different contents than that of a normal present.

For more information, see the page on Ghists.

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