Mystery Boxes, also known as Presents, are a somewhat rare object purchased from Shops or dropped from Great Humphead.


Upon opening the Mystery Box, it drops an item from a large pool, ranging from Bomb Boxes, Climbing Gloves, or even Royal Jelly.

The Mystery Box can also drop a disarmed Bear Trap, if a player is particularly unlucky.

Every single item in the Mystery Box has the exact same drop chance as one another, being 4%. The only exception to this rule is the Plasma Cannon, which only has a 0.1% of dropping.

Offering a Mystery Box to a Kali Altar will produce an Eggplant. Note that this will not occur if Kali is mad at the player for destroying one of her altars.

Cloned Mystery Boxes will have a different item inside compared to the original Mystery Box that was cloned.

Mystery Boxes, also known as Presents, are useful objects that can be broken open to receive different items.


Presents can only be found at Shops with a 18.55% chance of spawning. When they are damaged or opened (by pressing up + action while holding one), they will be destroyed and leave an item in their place.

Presents can contain a large number of items of varying values. Depending on what you get out of it they can be a great deal (finding a Jetpack in the mines for $8000) or a dismal prospect (getting a Parachute instead).

Presents come in 3 different variations, although they are entirely cosmetic.

During multiplayer runs, every item that is bought in a Shop will turn into a Present containing that specific item.

Sacrificing the box itself at an Altar will result in Kali giving the player an Eggplant and change the background music to "Ultra Egg" during that level. Note that this music does not play if angry Shopkeepers spotted the player already.

The different colors of a mystery box

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