The Powerpack is a Pack Item from Spelunky 2. It can be found in crates, shops and other places.


The Powerpack is one of the few packs in the game. The Powerpack grants its wearer multiple buffs while worn. It does the following:

Lights your whip on fire - It now deals 2 Health Points of damage, and can damage enemies while they're stunned. It also can now be used to light torches, cook turkeys, etc.

Increases fire rate: This is applied to most weapons like the Shotgun, Freeze Ray, etc.

Reduces recoil on ground, and no recoil while climbing - This allows the Spelunker to fire their weapon such as the Shotgun without being pushed back much or at all. This does, however, prevent the player from 'gun-jumping'.

The Powerpack will also increase the radius of the explosion of your bombs, and make them slightly bigger as a visual indicator.

The Powerpack is a pack, so it will explode if catches fire from things like torches, shotgun pellets (very briefly), Magmars, being near Lava, etc. The explosion deals 10 Health Points of damage to you, or anything else around it.

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