The Powerpack is a back item from Spelunky 2. It can be found in crates with a 0.2% chance, shops, and in other locations.

In the Duat, a Powerpack can be found on the Kali Altar if the player has earned 32 or more favor with her.


The Powerpack grants its wearer multiple buffs while worn. It grants the following upgrades:

  • Fire Whip - It is now on fire, now dealing 2 damage and able to damage enemies while they're stunned. It also now effectively a fire source. As such, it can be used to light torches, cook turkeys, burn jungle foliage/cobwebs, and provide other utilities.
  • Increased Fire Rate - This is applied to most weapons like the Shotgun, Camera, and Freeze Ray.
  • Reduced Recoil - This allows the Spelunker to fire their weapon without being pushed back much or at all. While on ladders, recoil no longer causes the player to fall off. The reduction in recoil does however prevent the player from "gun-jumping".
  • Giant Bombs - Makes the player throw giant bombs, with massively increased explosion radius and a damage increase from 11 to a massive 21.

The Powerpack is flammable, so it will explode if catches fire from things like torches, shotgun pellets, Magmars, Lava, and other sources of fire. The explosion deals 21 Health Points of damage to anything around it.


  • As the Powerpack grants no additional mobility, it is generally considered a weaker option compared to other back items, such as the Jetpack or Vlad's Cape. Despite this, it is still worth picking up, especially in the earlier stages of the game where its upgrades will prove useful until the player finds an option they prefer.
  • The fire upgrade to the whip makes the Powerpack an excellent item for the Jungle, allowing the player to burn shrubbery tiles that would otherwise block their path, burn cobwebs in the player's way, and even kill Mantraps with a single whip.
  • If the player wishes to throw normal bombs instead of giant bombs, they may simply take off the pack by crouching and pressing the "enter door" button.
    • This is recommended for opening Waddler's cave in Olmec's Lair, as placing giant bombs in the same position that one normally would place standard bombs to open the cave would cause the explosion to destroy a piece of Waddler's storage blocks, angering him.
  • The double damage that giant bombs grant are incredibly effective against bosses, as it effectively cuts the amount of bombs the player needs to kill them by half.
    • In the Duat, the Powerpack the player can obtain from the Altar can be used to kill Osiris in only two bombs.
      • Kali also rewards a Bomb Box if the player is between 24-31 favor, meaning it is generally a good idea to stay within this range before reaching the Duat in order to obtain the Box over the Powerpack, as the bombs are likely to be more useful in the end than the Powerpack will, especially after leaving the area for the Ice Caves.
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