Pots are a common throwing item generated throughout the dungeon.
They will shatter upon being thrown and hitting an enemy or wall, or upon being dropped a significant distance. They can also be destroyed with the whip, a pistol, a machete, or a shotgun.


Pots will contain one or two of the following (or possibly nothing at all):

- This amount ranges from the smallest gold chunks (worth $100) to the most valuable Gems.
- When whipped or shot by an arrow trap, a pot may generate two items. Because of this, the maximum potential value of a broken pot is $5600 (in area 4)!
- That said, it is in your best interest to loot any and all pots that you see in the dungeon.
Throwing a pot with a spider or snake in it will cause the spider/snake to pop out unharmed. They will then behave as if you had aggravated them. Whipping a pot with an enemy in it will cause you to take damage if you are too close, but will destroy the enemy inside. The best way to deal with pots when you don't have a gun is to whip them from a distance, without touching the pot with your body (or being close to doing so) - which will both kill any enemies that might be inside and keep you from taking damage from them. While that is easy to do, keep in mind that if you're too far away when you do this, it is actually possible to break open the pot with the edge of your whip but miss the enemy produced from it!

The pot "loot table" is as follows. This list is checked twice whenever a pot is destroyed by a whip or shot by an arrow trap.

Chance Item Base Value
33.3% Gold Chunk 100
11.1% Gold Nugget 500
4.6% Emerald 800
4.2% Sapphire 1200
3.9% Ruby 1600
7.1% Spider
3.0% Snake
32.7% Nothing

Average value of opened pots
Non-whip Whipped
Area 1 239 478
Area 2 299 598
Area 3 359 717
Area 4 418 837

Source: Objects/oJar/Destroy

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