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There are four main areas that the Spelunker must navigate to reach the final boss, Olmec. There are also several bonus levels which offer powerful items if the Spelunker can survive them. One bonus area in particular is where the Spelunker can face the game's final boss.

The Mines Jungle Ice caves
The Mines Jungle Ice Caves
"An abandoned mine with many deep shafts." "The trees here have found a way to grow without any sunlight." "Icy rocks suspended over a bottomless abyss."
Temple Hell The Haunted Castle
Temple Hell Haunted Castle
"These ruins have probably been here for thousands of years. Who built them?" "The underworld. Sheol. Hades. One thing's for certain: it's HOT down here!" "Long ago, the knights who dwelt here were cursed with eternal life."
The Black Market The Worm HD The Mothership
Black Market Worm Mothership
"You may be able to purchase some one-of-a-kind items in this hidden place..." "In one end and out the other." "An impossibly large alien craft."
The City of Gold
City of Gold
"The City of Gold! So the legends were true!"

No Journal Entry[]

Olmec's Lair HD Yama's Throne HD
Olmec's Lair Yama's Throne