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There are four main areas that the Spelunker must navigate to reach Olmec, as well as several bonus levels, offering powerful items if the Spelunker can survive them.

Area 1: Cave[]


Spelunky Classic Mines Level 1

Cave, later named The Mines in Spelunky HD, is the first of the four main areas, comprising levels 1 to 4.

The rocky Mines is filled with typical cave-dwelling enemies, as well as the occasional trap.
It is the easiest of the game's main areas, but will quickly finish off careless adventurers as they delve deeper.

Enemies that are introduced in the Mines include Snakes, Spiders, Bats, and Cavemen.

The only opportunity to collect the Udjat Eye is in the Mines. The Udjat Eye is found by unlocking the Locked Chest with a Key. The Locked Chest and Key always spawn on the same level, which can be either level 2 or 3.

There are two Level Feelings that can occur in the Mines: The Snake Pit and Darkness.

Area 2: Lush[]

Spelunky Classic Jungle Level 5

Spelunky Classic Jungle Level 5

Lush, later named the Jungle in Spelunky HD, is the second of the four main areas, comprising levels 5 to 8.

Plant life flourishes here, and tribal savages make their home amongst the trees. Vines, trees and spike pits are common sights in this area.

New enemies introduced in the Jungle are Monkeys, Frogs, Fire Frogs, and Piranhas. Some of this area's Level Feelings introduce exclusive enemies: Restless Dead introduces Jiang Shi, reanimated Pirahna Skeletons and Vampires, while Flooded Cavern introduces Megamouth (Old Bitey).

An entrance to the Black Market will randomly spawn somewhere in one of the Jungle's three levels,(5-7 never on level 8) and the Udjat Eye will give out its location by flashing when it is nearby.

The Level Feelings that can occur in the Jungle are Restless Dead, Darkness, and Flooded Cavern.

Area 3: The Ice Caves[]

Spelunky Classic Ic Caves Level 9

Spelunky Classic Ice Caves Level 9

The third of the four main areas is named Ice, comprising levels 9 to 12.

It is a frosty cavern that is far more open than other areas in the game, and falling off the slippery platforms can easily be fatal as there is a large abyss at the bottom of the level.

The main enemies introduced in this area are Yetis, UFOs and Aliens. Some of this area's Level Feelings introduce exclusive enemies: Wet Fur Scent introduces the Yeti King, while Psychic Presence introduces the Alien Lord.

The Moai spawns in the Ice Caves, and if the Ankh revives the player while the Moai is inside of the game's loaded area, they will receive the Hedjet from inside the Moai.

The Ice Caves has two available Level Feelings: Wet Fur Scent and Psychic Presence.

Area 4: The Temple[]

Spelunky Classic Temple Level 13

Spelunky Classic Temple Level 13

Temple is the last of the four main areas, comprising levels 13 to 15. Level 16 is a unique Temple level called Olmec's Lair, where the Spelunker fights the boss of the Olmec cult to win the Giant Idol and their freedom from the caves.

The temple is much more linear than previous areas, but it is filled with much stronger enemies and many more deadly traps.

This area introduces Hawk Men, Mummies, and Magma Men as new enemies, as well as Olmec as the boss in Level 16.

Level 13 has a Mummy that drops the Scepter when killed. A Golden Door will spawn randomly in level 14 that is the entrance to the City of Gold, but it can only be opened with a combination of the Scepter and the Hedjet.

The two Level Feelings that can appear in the Temple are Sacrificial Pit and Darkness.

Black Market[]

WholeLevel BlackMarket

The Black Market

The Black Market is a bonus level hidden in the Jungle where many Shopkeepers have set up their stores. It can only be found by pinpointing the entrance buried in the rock using the Udjat Eye.

This level is the only place in the game where the Ankh can be found. 

The Black Market is not exempt from having Level Feelings, as either Restless Dead or Darkness can be present.

City of Gold[]

WholeLevel CityOfGold

The City of Gold

The City of Gold is a special temple level where absolutely everything is made of solid gold. Every block and trap can be demolished to collect enormous amounts of treasure and achieve a very high score.

A complicated and difficult sequence of events must be completed to access the City of Gold; you must travel through each of the four areas to collect special Egyptian artifacts to open the golden door.