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Many new places were introduced in Spelunky 2, totaling up to 16 places. This list does not include the The Black Market, Vlad's Castle, or The Mothership, as all of which appear within other levels.

Area 1: Dwelling

"The air here is warm and dry. It smells of campfire smoke and bat guano."

The Dwelling is the first of the 16 available areas. It gets its name from Quillback and his many Caveman underlings who make their home here. Although it is the first area in the game, it will easily dispatch of careless delvers as they continue forwards.

After facing Quillback in 1-4, the player has a choice of either going to The Jungle or Volcana.

Area 2-a: Jungle

"Despite all odds, this dense, tropical forest appears to be teeming with life."

Jungle is one of the two second worlds, accessed after taking the exit door at the bottom left of 1-4 of Dwelling.

Plant life like climbable trees and vines flourish here, and as a returning area from Spelunky HD, one can encounter some old enemies such as Mantraps and Tiki Men, while encountering brand new threats like Witch Doctors and Spear Traps.

Exiting Jungle will take the player to Olmec's Lair.

Area 2-b: Volcana

"It's as hot as Hell in this lava-filled world! Who knew the Moon could have such a place inside it?"

Volcana is the other second world, accessed after taking the exit door at the bottom right of 1-4 of Dwelling.

It is analogous to Spelunky HD's Hell, being a place filled with fire and brimstone, even featuring enemies who moved here from Hell, such as Imps and Vlad. Unlike Hell however, it has much more mechanical aesthetics; Drills, Robots, and other industrial mining related features litter the cooler sections of the area.

Exiting Volcana will take the player to Olmec's Lair.

Area 3: Olmec's Lair

"A shrine dedicated to the mighty Olmec. There is a timeless quality to this place of worship."

The first of the boss worlds where the player fight the namesake Olmec, returning from Spelunky Classic and Spelunky HD with a few new tricks up his sleeve.

It's a large, fairly empty space with three floors of thick stone brick and a massive lava lake at the bottom. If the player defeats Olmec by sinking him into the lava, they can use the top of his head to enter a sub area containing the Ankh.

There are two different exits in Olmec's Lair; one will take the player to Tide Pool, while the other will take them to Temple of Anubis.

Area 4-a1: Tide Pool

"The ruins of an ancient empire lay here, at the edge of a vast, underground ocean."

Tide Pool is one of the two fourth words, accessed from Olmec's Lair. It is what remains of the once great empire led by the Empress.

Aquatic life lives here, surrounded by Jiang Shi, Lion Traps, and spikes of coral.

The player may set off a massive trap of lava, which will open the way to Abzu when triggered, as it will clear the lava away from its entrance.

Exiting Tide Pool will take the player to The Ice Caves.

Area 4-a2: Abzu

"This palatial sanctuary was built over the deepest part of the sea."

Abzu is a hidden world entered from 4-3 of Tide Pool, where one may fight Kingu.

Abzu is a tall arena with pillars, Jiangshi, and Jiangshi Assassins scattered about. Beneath the area is a bottomless trench of water and a hidden passage that lead to the top of the arena. Defeating Kingu near the top of the arena will cause her to drop the Tablet of Destiny.

Exiting Abzu will take the player to The Ice Caves.

Area 4-b1: Temple of Anubis

"A massive tomb built by powerful pharaohs. On its walls are carved the stories of the past, present, and future."

The Temple of Anubis is the return of Spelunky HD's Temple, given an ancient Egyptian makeover.

Temple of Anubis is an incredibly dangerous area is filled with Crush Traps, Quicksand, and Egyptian themed enemies. From here, the player may enter the legendary City of Gold.

Exiting Temple of Anubis will take the player to The Ice Caves.

Area 4-b2: The City of Gold

"A legendary place to all treasure hunters! Every brick is made from solid gold."

The City of Gold is a place of legend, known for being made entirely of solid gold.

Players may blow up the city and loot the many Pots of Gold to obtain massive quantities of treasure while dodging deadly Giant Crush Traps and Croc Men, but may also offer themselves on the altar found in the center of the level while equipped with an Ankh to descend into the Duat.

Taking the normal exit door in The City of Gold will return the player to Temple of Anubis.

Area 4-b3: Duat

"A desert of ash and fire, burning beneath an eternal blood moon. The domain of the god Osiris."

The Duat is the Egyptian underworld, where the player may ascend to the top and fight Osiris and Anubis II to be deemed worthy to start anew.

Upon entering the Duat, the player will lose all of their items, lose their Ankh, and have their HP reset to 4, making the journey upwards more difficult. As they ascend, the player may encounter Apep along with numerous Ammit.

Killing Anubis II will cause him to drop a Jetpack, while killing Osiris will drop the Tablet of Destiny and open a portal to the Ice Caves.

Area 5: Ice Caves

"Life still thrives within the frozen core of this giant meteorite."

The Ice Caves is the fifth area of the game. Instead of being a set of 4 levels, it is instead one singular, very large level. It is where all crossroads converge, unifying all of the split paths in the game.

The Ice Caves always spawns the Moai, the entrance the wet fur cave containing the Yeti King and Yeti Queen, and an entrance to The Mothership deep in the abyss.

After completing the Ice Caves, the player will find themselves in Neo Babylon.

Area 6-a: Neo Babylon

"The capital city of the Olmites, a place of high technology, untold wonders, and endless stimulation."

Neo Babylon is the sixth world of Spelunky 2. It is an ancient city of the future where the Olmites reside.

As the Olmites continue to be locked in a bitter conflict with the Aliens, It is highly dangerous and filled to the brim with hazardous Laser and Spark Traps, crushing Elevators, and Forcefields. Bringing a flammable pack item like a Jetpack to Neo Babylon is especially dangerous, as it can be ignited and blown up easily by the igneous hazards created by Spark Traps and UFOs in the area.

6-2 always contains a sub-area full of Ushabti, and 6-3 contains Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure.

Once the player completes 6-3, they will find themselves in Tiamat's Throne.

Area 6-b: Tiamat's Throne

"Where Queen Tiamat gave birth to the World. Now a seat of power from which she guides her unruly children."

The second boss area of Spelunky 2. It houses Tiamat on her throne, above an endlessly deep lake.

If the player defeats Queen Tiamat here, they may take the normal exit to achieve the normal ending, while above Tiamat's Throne is a massive gauntlet of Spark Traps and Forcefields, most easily passed with the help of the Qilin.

If the player chooses to ascend up this gauntlet and makes it to the top, they may enter the spaceship found there, taking them to the Sunken City.

Area 7-a: Sunken City

"In the bottom of the Well, the First City sleeps."

The Sunken City is accessed ascending Tiamat's Throne and taking the spaceship found at the top of the level.

It is an upside down Lovecraftian land that comes off as eerily and deceptively peaceful. It has it's own ecosystem of Frogs, Giant Flies, and their offspring. It is considered to be a spiritual successor to The Worm from Spelunky HD.

Players who successfully escort the Eggplant Child to the Mother Statue in 7-1 will be granted access to the Eggplant World. Completing 7-3 of the Sunken City will take the player to Hundun's Hideaway, occupying 7-4.

Area 7-b: Eggplant World

"Once the palace of a mighty tyrant, now overgrown with peaceful eggplants."

The Eggplant World is possibly the most mythical area in the game, only being accessible by placing the Eggplant Child into the arms of the Mother Statue in the Sunken City.

None of the creatures here in this eggplant-themed level can hurt the player; not even the Ghost will spawn to attack the player after enough elapsed time. King Yama can be found here as the Eggplant King. Numerous chunks of Eggplant Flesh and the Eggplant Crown can be obtained from killing him.

At the top of the level is an exit door that will take the player back to the Sunken City into level 7-3.

Area 7-c: Hundun's Hideaway

"At the lowest point of the Well is where the Great Dreamer muddles about, always felt but never known."

The third boss area in Spelunky 2, found in 7-4 of the Sunken City It is a large, vertical shaft, or 'well' which must be climbed with Hundun following closely behind.

At the top of the level, a large arena can be found where the player fights Hundun and can either escape to complete the hard ending, or shoot his eye with the Arrow of Light from Hou Yi's Bow to enter the Cosmic Ocean.

Area 7-d: Cosmic Ocean

"The roiling waters of creation that flow from Hundun's childish weeping. Here one may find the beginning and the end."

The final area in Spelunky 2, and the biggest of them all with 94 levels. It is only accessible by shooting Hundun's eye with the Arrow of Light from Hou Yi's Bow.

Each level is built from parts of every other area in the game, and loop around within itself in every direction. A Celestial Jelly blocks the exits to each level, and one must destroy three celestial orbs in each level to move the jelly out of the way.

Making it to 7-99 will have the player become one with the cosmos, leaving behind a constellation and getting the special ending.