Many new places were introduced in Spelunky 2, totaling up to 16 places. This list does not include the The Black Market, Vlad's Castle, or The Mothership, as all of which appear within other levels.

Area 1: Dwelling

"The air here is warm and dry. It smells of campfire smoke and bat guano."

The Dwelling is the first of the 16 available areas.

It is the easiest area of the game, but will quickly finish off careless adventurers as they delve deeper.

Area 2-a: Jungle

"Despite all odds, this dense, tropical forest appears to be teeming with life."

One of the two second worlds.

Plant life flourishes here, and tribal savages make their home amongst the trees.

The difficulty increases slightly and it has new traps and monsters, like other areas.

Area 2-b: Volcana

"It's as hot as Hell in this lava-filled world! Who knew the Moon could have such a place inside it?"

One of the two second worlds.

Volcana uses a lot of fiery aesthetics, related to Spelunky HD's Hell, but much more mechanical.

Area 3: Olmec's Lair

"A shrine dedicated to the mighty Olmec. There is a timeless quality to this place of worship."

The first of the boss worlds where you fight Olmec.

It's a large, fairly empty space with three thick floors and lava underneath it all.

Area 4-a1: Tide Pool

"The ruins of an ancient empire lay here, at the edge of a vast, underground ocean."

One of the two fourth worlds.

Aquatic life lives here, surrounded by water, lion traps, and coral spikes.

Area 4-a2: Abzu

"This palatial sanctuary was built over the deepest part of the sea."

One of the two fourth world boss areas where you fight Kingu.

It's a tall arena with pillars, Jiangshi, and Jiangshi Assassins scattered about.

Beneath is a pool of water and several hidden passages that lead to the top of the arena.

Area 4-b1: Temple of Anubis

"A massive tomb built by powerful pharaohs. On its walls are carved the stories of the past, present, and future."

One of the two fourth worlds.

The Temple of Anubis is filled with Crush Traps, Quicksand, and Egyptian themed enemies.

The entrance to The City of Gold is located on 4-2.

Area 4-b2: The City of Gold

"A legendary place to all treasure hunters! Every brick is made from solid gold."

One of the secret areas required for reaching the Sunken City.

The City of Gold is a gold version of the Temple of Anubis with an altar in the center.

The entrance to Duat is located here.

Area 4-b3: Duat

One of the two fourth world boss areas where you fight Osiris and Anubis II.

"A desert of ash and fire, burning beneath an eternal moon. The domain of the god Osiris."

Duat is essentially the afterlife, where upon climbing to the top and defeating Osiris deems you worthy to start again.

Upon entering Duat, you lose your held and backpack items, making the journey upwards more difficult.

Upon reaching the top, Osiris and Anubis II will appear, and ropes will no longer attach to the walls.

Area 5: Ice Caves

"Life still thrives within the frozen core of this giant meteorite."

The 5th world of Spelunky 2. It always spawns with a Moai statue, an entrance to a wet fur cave, with the Yeti King and Yeti Queen, and an entrance to The Mothership. It only lasts for a single level, unlike the rest of the worlds, after which it is followed by Neo Babylon.

Area 6-a: Neo Babylon

"The capital city of the Olmites, a place of high technology, untold wonders, and endless stimulation."

The 6th world of Spelunky 2. It is highly dangerous and filled to the brim with electric traps and forcefields. Bringing an electric pack to Neo Babylon is especially dangerous as it can be ignited and blow up easily. 6-2 always contains a sub-area full of Ushabti, and 6-3 contains Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasures.

Area 6-b: Tiamat's Throne

"Where Queen Tiamat gave birth to the World. Now a seat of power from which she guides her unruly children."

The second boss area of Spelunky 2. It houses Tiamat on her throne, above an endlessly deep lake.

Area 7-a: Sunken City

"In the bottom of the Well, the First City sleeps."

The Sunken City is accessed by using Qilin in Tiamat's Throne and flying to the top of the level and entering the door next to Tun.

Area 7-b: Eggplant World

Area 7-c: Hundun's Hideaway

"At the lowest point of the Well is where the Great Dreamer muddles about, always felt but never known."

The third boss area is Spelunky 2. It is a large, vertical shaft, or 'well' which must be climbed with Hundun following closely behind.

Area 7-d: Cosmic Ocean

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