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Pitcher's Mitts are an item in Spelunky 2.


Pitcher's Mitts can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Miscellaneous
    • Crates (113/10000 chance)
    • Presents (1/25 chance)
    • Randomly buried in terrain
    • One of the potential rewards given at 8 favor from a Kali Altar if the player does not have a Pitcher's Mitt



The Pitcher's Mitt causes any object thrown by the user (including bombs and Eggplants from the Eggplant Crown) to be thrown in a perfectly straight line, unaffected by gravity, in the direction it was thrown. This functions similarly to how arrows are launched from Arrow Traps, Crossbows, and Hou Yi's Bow.

Because setting down a bomb by pressing the bomb button while crouched is considered a type of throw, the Pitcher's Mitt changes how bombs are set down. Bombs normally slide about one tile away from the Spelunker, but with the Pitcher's Mitt, they slide about half a tile away instead. Players setting down bombs in precise ways should consider how the Pitcher's Mitt can change strategies before potentially wasting bombs.

Attempting to throw the Arrow of Light with a Pitcher's Mitt will cause the Arrow of Light to be thrown with a normal throwing arc instead of in a straight line unaffected by gravity. Throwing the Arrow of Light with a Pitcher's Mitt will also cause the thrower to become stunned and be knocked back slightly, unharmed. The thrower will not be stunned if they throw the Arrow of Light downward while in the air, however.


Automatically catching a rock flying through Cosmic Ocean by using a Pitcher's Mitt.

The Pitcher's Mitt also allows the wearer to automatically catch rocks and skulls flying through the air, instead of being hit by them. This does not work if the wearer's hands are already occupied, and only applies to rocks and skulls. Other items, such as Eggplants, Pots, and Dice cannot be caught and will damage the Spelunker. Bone Drop skulls are considered different entities internally, and cannot be caught.

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