The Pistol is a long-range weapon that fires a single bullet on a straight trajectory. Each shot deals 4 hitpoints of damage.
The pistol can be bought in Weapon Shops and is sometimes found in crates.


While generally somewhat inferior to the shotgun, the pistol is still a powerful weapon. It has its uses, as follows:

  • It is able to destroy pots and most non-boss enemies from a range with a single shot, and is capable of hitting stunned enemies.
    It is possible to kill boss enemies with the pistol as well, but this will take longer than if you had used the shotgun or a bomb.
  • It is significantly cheaper to purchase than the shotgun.
  • Pistols reload faster than the shotgun, meaning that you are less vulnerable if you miss a shot, and this also makes them more convenient when using the muzzle flash to provide light in dark levels.
  • Pistols do not produce recoil, so you don't have to worry about losing your footing when firing one.
  • While it won't kill a Shopkeeper in a single shot, it is still easy to kill them using this weapon. When hit, they will be stunned long enough for you to to fire again, locking them in a stun cycle until they are dead. It takes 5 shots to put a Shopkeeper down for good.
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