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Piranhas are aquatic enemies that can be found in pools of water in the Jungle, and rarely in the Ice Caves when liquid water generates. They can be dealt with by whipping, projectiles or simply draining the water in which they swim by blowing up the walls with a bomb.

When they have nothing to hunt, they will be seen casually swimming back and forth horizontally in the pools they spawn in, but if any human character (such as a Spelunker or a Caveman) enters the water, they will immediately attack them, but will ignore Damsels.

As they cannot leave the water and are tricky to fight within it, it is often best just to simply avoid the Piranha-infested waters, rather than dive in and fight them.

Remember that water resistance reduces a Spelunker's velocity, so you cannot stomp enemies underwater. If you make contact with a piranha, even from above, you will take damage.


  • A piranha stunned by the Camera will survive its pool being drained of water, hovering in mid-air until it recovers from the stun (at which point it promptly dies).
    • This also happens if the water is drained while the piranhas are actively chasing the player in the water, in which case the piranhas will remain above the water, unable to enter it until the player leaves and they die.
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