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Official art of Monty wearing Ana Spelunky's hat by Justin Chan, used for issue 350 of Edge Magazine.

Pets are entities in Spelunky 2.

There are three pets; Monty the Dog, Percy the Cat, and Poochi the Hamster. The player can change which pet they encounter throughout the caves, or set it so that all pets may be encountered. Pet variants are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.



Living pets can be delivered to the level's exit, kissing the spelunker in the corridor between levels, granting 1 HP. In co-op, saved pets kiss each spelunker.

  • If the spelunker is poisoned, a pet's kiss will not heal, instead transferring the debuff to the pet, curing the spelunker.
  • Even if the spelunker leaves the level through a different exit the pet was delivered to, they will still be waiting for them in the level transition tunnel to heal them.
    • The only exception to this rule is if Duat is visited, as they will simply fall out of the view of the screen and be unable to kiss the spelunker. This also occurs if a player cheats and spawns in a pet in the Cosmic Ocean.


A single pet spawns in every single level, excluding Duat, Tiamat's Throne, Hundun's Hideaway, and every level of the Cosmic Ocean.

Pets are typically found in small alcoves (surrounded by three or more tiles), occasionally encased in tiles or in hard to reach places, requiring the spelunker to utilize available resources to get to them (eg; bombs, rope, mobility items). The level's pet always appears for sale in a Pet Shop if one spawns, which includes the one guaranteed to spawn in the Black Market. In some cases, Pets may also be found in the backlayer, sold by either Tun or the Caveman Shopkeeper.

Other Behaviors

Pets initially sit idly waiting for a spelunker to rescue them. They will occasionally let out a loud noise, which can be used to deduce their location when not visible onscreen; Monty barks, Percy meows, and Poochi squeaks.

Pets do not willingly jump from the hands of whoever carries them, staying "stunned" indefinitely.

After being picked up/stunned, Pets begin to run aimlessly in the direction they were facing after getting up, running off of ledges and turning around if they hit a wall.

Pets will only be delivered to the level exit if they touch the lower end of the exit door if they are either not stunned or in someone's arms. If one wishes to pass by the level exit without delivering the Pet, they must either jump over the lower end of the exit door or throw the Pet past the door.

Cloning the level's Pet allows multiple to be saved in one level, with each saved Pet appearing in the level transition screen and giving health.

  • Due to a bug, saving five or more Pets in a single level (possible by using both the Clone Gun obtained from the Star Challenge and the one from the Ghist Shopkeeper in Eggplant World) results in some of the saved pets not appearing in the level transition screen. They are counted as saved, but do not give health.[1]

Pets themselves can also be used in levels:

  • Can be sacrificed at a Kali Altar for a significant 8 favor, enough to always guarantee a reward.
  • Used as a makeshift throwing weapon against enemies.
  • Used as a meat shield to soak up damage from Arrows, typically fired from Arrow Traps.


  • In a Developer AMA, Spelunky creator Derek Yu noted that Percy was named after the one his parents had owned.[2]
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